Get to go to work!

Finally!  I haven't been able to sub in a bit so this is nice.  I am working at a lower priveledged (sp?) school (inner city school) here in toon town and in a lower grade class room.  It's going to be a short day as their school day ends at 3.  So, after work I will head out and do a small run of 3-5k with Tala around the neighborhood.  We have to get her training in also with her own fun run this Sunday! :)

Well, I hope everyone's day went well yesterday.  Its a short post today as I am a bit rushed this am. lol 

Take care!


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Have a great day and a great run!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your run with Tala. My poor Lilly isn't going to be prepared for her walk next weekend. Maybe I'll get my hubby to take her out after work =)

Tanya said...

Have a good day at work and a great run!