Actually double digit temp!

I am so surprised. :) +10, a little cloudy but beggars can't be choosers. lol  I'll take it. 

Thank you everyone for the big congrats!  It was a milestone for me indeed and I already have my eyes on another new one.  60 mins for a 10k!   Of course I am just going to get through my 1/2 marathon first. :)  But come Canada Day in the HBC run here... I am going to shoot for it.  I am not quite sure about making it then, but I know it is going to come in the near future. :)

So, today has been an easy day for me here so far, I headed out for a quick outing came back home and slowly getting some things done around the house.  I just noticed the neighbors across the street mulching their grass... I guess it is time to get some of that stuff done now...  

For the next two days here I am going to try to pick up some subbing and hopefully I can get it over on this side of the city so I am closer to home.  Maybe even ride my bike there. :)

The rest of my day is not too exciting... probably more of the same as what I have been doing.

I am not sore at all from my run yesterday which is a really good thing as I thought that pushing myself the way I did I may have some kind of soreness.  Pretty happy about that one. :)

Well, I hope all have had a good day!