Well today I have learned that I will not be going snowboarding again.  It is just not for me.  :) Everyone kept on saying that there is a faster learning curve with it but I do not see it.  I did find my wrist guards and used them with my knee guards... but that ended up hurting me even more... I kept falling forwards and not back wards and well... I ended up going really hard down on to my chest with my wrist guards connecting with my chest.  I had the wind completely knocked out of me!  It actually scared me quite a bit because I could not breath.  I was struggling to get on my back and sit up.  I finally made it and finally managed to breath again.  In the mean time they were calling for first aid to help.  It was so embarrassing...  I tried one more time to go down and I just could not do it anymore and was having some hard times getting my breath in still.  So for the last 45 mins I traded in my snowboard for skis and went skiing instead.  I felt more secure and better abled to do that.  

My son just loved doing it. (downhill skiing)  Even though he stayed on the 'bunny hill' the whole day, he had a blast and really enjoyed himself.  Me... I am super sore from the last couple of days and today really did me in.  I am supposed to run tomorrow for at least 3-4 km but I need to take a day off here and recoup my muscles or I am going to kill myself.  :)  I can start to tell now that I am getting worn out because the right side of my throat is starting to swell and feel funny.  I don't know if it is from the trying to breath earlier or if I wore my immune system down with the last couple of day's activities.  The phone has been ringing off the hook for me to come in and sub, but I just can't do it.  So I am going to take it easy here and just do homework from the comfort of my couch.  lol  I know it is not the best to do it there but, I just need to be comfortable right now.

The pics above are of me attempting to snowboard, Austin, and Austin and I.

I brought my snacks but did have a treat of some french fries... :)  I have not had them since a couple of weeks before I started ww.  They were quite good, but I can go without them again for awhile.  I had my fix and now I am good.  :)  I really have to start eating healthier again... I can really feel that junk/bad food choice hangover...

Well I am off to bed here early... :)  It has been one really, really long day...


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Oh! I'm so sorry I missed this blog! You are so courageous attempting to snowboard! I have always been a skier, but snowboarding just looks so youthful and cool! :) Every time I chicken out though because I think "What the heck am I going to do if I break my arm, leg or tail bone?! Who's going to change the diaper's, do the laundry, cook, clean?!" LOL! :) Your son will cherish those pictures when he is older and can appreciate how "hip" his Mom was/is! :)

I hope the couch is feeling comfy, the fry-high lasted and you got lots of homework done! :)