time to get back on track...

Today I am making a vow to give my ol' butt a kick and get back on track with my homework.  I have been so lacking in doing this and I am now way far behind in everything!  I am actually kind of scared the amount that I am behind.  I was very happy when I got the news about getting in to the RN program and feel that it was the 'wake up' I needed to get myself back in order.  I have been focusing so much on ww and exercise that I have neglected this way too much.  Today this all changes.  

Here are my rules:
1.  homework everyday not subbing, every subject 2 hrs and when subbing, 1 hour each
2.  exercise on planned days
3.  less time on the ww boards posting except my usual threads on set time for morning and night.  (there will be some free time that I can hopefully)  I'm addicted!  :)
4.  try to grocery shop only once per week (I tend to go more and spend needlessly)
5.  water will be my drink of choice why doing homework

There, this covers things for the most part.  This a.m. I am going to work on a time schedule for myself as I work better with these.  Its either that or I am going to have to hire a drill sargent to kick my butt!

This week my goal is to go to the university hospital here and grab an application for work in a few areas.  I would like to get back in working with SK health so I have a better chance getting a job after schooling.  If I have to work in housekeeping... that is perfectly OK with me, I would like to be a unit aid though as this was basically what the old special care aid did when I was one before.  I also would like to get a job there because it is way better pay on casual than working as a sub educational assistant.  Did you know that I lost around $6/hr from going to casual from a contract position!!!! Unbelievable how much difference there is in pay.  No wonder that they do not have enough subs in.  Even the Teacher subs get better pay and it is comparable!  I never knew how bad it was because I was hired right on to a contract and never subbed for the last 5 yrs.  I may keep my sub position as a 'just in case' kind of thing, but the hospital is way better and will give me summer employment also.  Now this is if I get a job.  :)

Anyways, exercise for the day is some cross training with a walk.  Food today is 'eat out' Tuesday, so quite the higher pt day for me.  edit : I am doing a 4 km steady run on the treadmill.  I have decided that Thursday will be my hard cross training day.

oh! I almost forgot... I have a confession...  My DH came home from a break at work yesterday and stopped at McD's... he brought home 2 Cinnamon melts!  My weakness of cinnamon buns took the better of me and I had a whole one!  10 pts gone!!!  All I can say is boy oh boy was it good and I sure drank my self silly with the water afterwards.  :)  I am managing to get over this ok actually.  I have realized that this is a lifestyle change and I am going to have my treats in moderation.  I will have days of ups and days of downs...  I know that I am still on track and doing better than I was before and that is all that matters.  This is why I look forward to Tuesday's 'eat out night' so much!  

run: 4.18 km/30 mins, treadmill, 9 pm, 8.3 km/hr, felt really good until last 2 mins (maybe from the taco time earlier)
Quit Smoking: Day 23!


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Good morning! Well, you sound like you are about to get very organized! Good for you.

Would it help to make a homework schedule over the course of a week? Like, write down EVERYTHING that you need to catch up on, right down to the littlest details. Then map it all into a week schedule. I found this so helpful when I was in college. That way when you are done for the day, you're done! No need to feel guilty about what didn't get done today, because you know that by Friday it will all be finished. It sure took a lot of stress out of catching up!

You can do this!

Oh, and how is the GDT going to survive if you leave? LOL! It just won't be the same! It is addicting though... Do you think they sell gum for that?! :)

Have an awesome day!