I got in!!!!!!

I am so excited and have found my motivation again... I got into the RN degree program! Wooooo Hoooo! I am so excited.... can't you tell? lol I am now waiting to see if my one friend passes some tests so she will be able to go also. It's kinda nice to have someone there that you know in classes. I am just so excited because I have been accepted into a 'real' college and not just ol' arts and science anymore.... YEAH! Also no more certificates! (I have gone to school 4 times now) <--- yes I want to grow up... some day... :) So this will make me done my schooling in 3 yrs. I have just over a year of nursing classes already done... so I am ahead of the game. I would just LOVE to bring out the bubbly right now... but I have been doing so well... I am scare to jynx it... But I know naturally it will come to an end here sooner or later. OH well, enjoy it while I can 'cause you never know I may slip into some deep depressed coma and eat everyone out of house and home. lol

Another good thing today... I just received in the mail my WW Points value calculator and tracker that I had order from Ebay 1.5 weeks ago! I debated about just getting smaller point value calculator but liked the extra options that this one had. I have been having fun playing with it. :) It should make grocery shopping a little easier now.

For exercise today I am just going to take Tala out for a small walk. It is a real rest day for me so that is basically it. Food wise was leftover fish cakes and steamed bok choi for lunch and for supper it is my portobello mushroom burger. It is basically what our family calls a 'fend for yourself' night for eating... this happens when generally Jason works too late or we have too many leftovers. Both are happening tonight.

So the weather here in gool ol' SK still sucks! But it is supposed to get better here throughout the week. Plus sides for the weekend! I gotta love the warmer weather but hate the melting... especially with wet dogs... :(

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Marisa_Lyn285 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm super excited for you that you got into the program you wanted! That's awesome!