Can you say f r o z o n !!! 'Cause that is what I am right now! In all the times I have run... I do not remember myself being this darn cold! I am even having a really hard time typing right now. I must be weighing less than I used when running. No 'extra' padding to keep me warm! :( I started off my susposively 9 km run at -15 with windshield of -24 and then all H*LL broke loose and the temp dropped to -17 with windshield -31 and wind gusts of 45-52 km/hour. Now I have run in snow storms and times colder than this, but today took the cake for sure. I do have one problem though... this is the second time I have run with this running room location and the distance was out (only a bit) again. Usually it is a bit over so we can ease off or ease into. So my 9 km run was 8.76 km. Close enough I guess... I will just have to watch the longer runs to make sure that I am getting in my distances. I did have my smoothie with milk this am and it was good. Right after the run, I had 1 cup of chocolate milk.

Well, as you can see by my pic of mushrooms... I have found a new love! Portobello mushrooms. I have been grilling them for the last couple of days for a burger and I LOVE them! I went and picked up some more yesterday because everyone was gone and so the supper I had originally planned is going to be tonight instead, potato fish cakes. I have had this one filet left in the freezer and it is not enough to feed everyone so I decided I would give making fish cakes a try.

OK... I can't stop shivering here! Warm thoughts.... think warm thoughts....

Well I am done for exercising today. I think I earning something like 7 or 8 APs. That's enough. I am just going to stretch out now and dream of a hot bath since I can't have one after a run. Stupid muscles. And I am way too cold to have a cold bath to take care of my muscles... Again... stupid muscles...

Today is homework - I am really falling behind now and have to smarten up! Then some house cleaning and pick up my son from my mom's. He wanted to stay again last night. Go figure... wouldn't you if you got spoiled rotten and could eat anything you wanted?

I almost forgot... official wi today and I am at 133.4 lbs! (weight before run) Woooo Hoooo! I am off now so I can take my measurements before I forget - yes I do them weekly... It helps me through this. :)

run: 8.76 km/1:06:07, avg 173 bpm 7:33 mins/km, sunny -17 windshield -31, wind gusts 45-52 km/hr, 3 layers top, touque, neck warmer, 1 layer bottom (needed two), mitts, felt really good except for the cold and running into the wind, 8:30 am
Quit Smoking: Day 22


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

22 days! Wooohoooo! :)

And look at you in your running clothes looking all athletic! And down again... yes!!!! :)

JavaChick said...

Wish I liked mushrooms - I really like the idea of the portobello burger, but I just can't stand any kind of mushroom.

Your progress picture looks great! Seems that you are well on your way. :)