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Well as you can see yesterday I pulled out the camera and took some pics. I forgot to do a 10 lbs loss for myself so it ended up being a 13 lbs loss. I also was trying to figure out an outfit to wear to compare, I have done my marathon outfit and my next one I will probably do the outfit I was wearing in China with my son. I also finally managed to take pics of the rest of my animals here so everyone can see my 'zoo'.

For eating yesterday I ended up having leftovers of the teriyaki turkey burger and for supper I fell in love... I grilled one portabello mushroom and green onion and had it on a blue menu burger first bun toasted with garlic olive oil drizzled on, then one part of the bun I spread laughing cow cheese on... I have never had this mushroom like this before and always heard of people grilling them like a burger. I was in heaven... I have also made another batch of the asian inspired zero pt soup again and have been having that. I really enjoy that one!

Today is going to be quite the busy day. I was hoping for my husband to help out a bit with the schedule but he ended up having to have work plans in there. I really want to go to hot yoga today before my long run of 9 km tomorrow and I have to have my son at a school mate's house for the same time... I will have to figure something out. I will see if there is someone that can help.

My Nanny is looking better. She is pretty tired though so it is a good thing that there are quite a few people at the house for her to take care of things.

I signed up for my half marathon late last night... I almost forgot I was so excited. :) While I was signing up I phone my friend Kerry to see if she wanted to come to the pre-race supper the night before with me. So she is going to come. She is considering now though if she could at least walk the half since she can't run it anymore. I feel bad for her but she is ok with everything because she has ran 2 full marathons already. (plus various other races) When I put the photo of the both of us on this blog, I was quite upset at how I looked, wt wise. I honestly thought I was ok back then. I guess my wt crept back up on me faster than I thought. Since I hardly have any pics of myself and my old scale being so wonky...(I have a new one now) I could not really tell. So I am going to be taking more pics here of the family and myself here from now on.

Oh... I have always heard of these 'turkey bites' for one pt and my husband comes home last night with them for his snack, along with more laughing cow cheese because he decided he really liked the stuff, and oh my god are they good! I did not really plan to eat anymore yesterday but my curiosity got the better of me. :)

For exercises today I am going to take it easy, besides the hot yoga (hopefully), I am just going to do a small walk. I need to be ready for tomorrow's run with the running room group.

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