I am locking myself up...

lol... not really, but I am going to be staying in my study room for most of the day though.  I managed to complete some homework yesterday and the taxes for all of us.  There has only been one year since I turned 18 that I have had anyone else do mine and that was the last income tax with my ex-husband.  I figure if I have been taught how to do it and know how to... I should be able to do it.  And the weird thing is that I just love doing it.  :)  Seriously, Accounting class was fun for me.  I know... GEEK!  lol

So last night I ran on the treadmill and increased my speed just a little to see how I would feel.  I went pretty well!  It is not time for speed intervals or anything like that yet, you need a good base first, but I just want to increase my speed a little when I run so I am taxing my system more.  I keep on training with the same speeds and this time... trying something new.  Tonight is running 4 ks with the running room.  It is -19 out right now so I am hoping that it warms up just a bit and that there is not a repeat of winds like Sunday.  At least we are only out for a short run.

Tonight for supper I am making steak with salad for me and something with the rest of the fam's.  I can sure tell that TOM is poking its dreary head around the corner here, cravings have been harder than usual, and the grouchiness?  Well let's just say that between the not smoking and PMS... I am having a lot of fun right now.   NOT!  I really do find that this is the weakest time for me and giving in to temptations.  I have used up 3/4 of my FPs already!  Mind you the one cinnamon melt took a good chunk by itself.  :)

I had a good chat with my Nanny yesterday and she sounds so much better.  She sounds 'alive' and her voice was cheerful.  I am grateful that things are going well.  She has been having a couple of rough nights but for the most part, she is improving well.

I am just realizing now that I am going to have to 'break free' from my study room today at some pt and grab grocery 'necessities only.'  I was hoping to wait till the weekend but have noticed things this morning were out and are needed everyday.  Maybe I will just make my weekend shopping list now and do it all today instead of Sunday?  I think that is a plan.

Well, I am off to finish getting my son ready for school.  He hid his homework last night so he would not have to do it.  I found it this morning and right now he is at the kitchen table doing it before school.  Ahhh.... the joys of being a parent...

run: 5.19 km/33:55 mins, outside with running room, 6 pm, avg 181 bpm :( 6:33 mins/km :), temp -13, good run, very hilly though, slipped a couple of times, over all very proud as this is my PR!!! YEAH!
Quit Smoking: Day 24!


Tanya said...

Sounds like you have it all planned good for you. What are you taking at school?