still really sore...

Well this morning I am still pretty sore, my ribs especially...  I have had broken ribs before and I don't think that I have them again, but Wow!  I can't move without being in pain here.  I am supposed to do a 3 km run tonight...  I am going to have to see about if I am capable of doing that one... :(  This is not something that I need right now.  The scale is even showing pain right now along with it.  I am so far up 1.8 lbs which is really odd for me this morning.  I just finished TOM and I have been drinking water like crazy here... but going to the bathroom?  Not as much as I should be.  Yes I have had some of the 'bad' food on Sun and Mon, but I have stayed within my pts.  The highest sodium day would have been Mon with the fries, and yesterday was all healthy stuff.  So I am going to shoot for a sts this week.  I was hoping for a loss but I do not think it is going to happen.  I have also been taking some painkillers which I know can reek havic on the scale also.  I just wish that this pain would go away... I hate having this much of it.  My husband says that if it is too bad again later today, he wants to take me in to see if I fractured anything.  I told him sure, but really there is nothing someone can do for fractured ribs besides heal it out and pain killers...

So, exercise wise for me today is to get my run in if I can.  If not... then I will be doing nothing again.

As for food today, I am planning a healthy day food wise and I am going to try to up my water even more and get some flushing going on.

Yesterday, I managed to do some homework and cooked some chicken for supper.  I steamed some green beans for myself to go with it.  The rest of the family had rice and steamed veggies smothered in sauce.   We all had a slice of the Blue Menu Apple Crisp for desert.  You know that apple crisp really was not bad for 2 pts.

As for being on 19 pts/day, I am having a hard time with it I think, especially on days that I can not earn APs to get extras pts.  I have made sure that I do not go in to my FPs too much but it sure is getting harder.  I know that it is just the mentality of it all but I sure wish I can snap out of things here soon.

Well, I am pretty tired here.  I would love just to go back to sleep but I have to wake my son up here in half an hour... My dog, Tala, insisted she had to go out this morning at 6 am!  ARrrrrrg!  I hear a small nap calling my name as soon as my son goes off to school here..... :)

Quit Smoking: Day 31 (1 month!!!!)


Froggie-George said...

Hi :)

WOW...Hope your ribs are feeling better soon. I know how painful it can be and you're right...nothin' they can do but give you meds for the pain.

Do you still get the strong cravings for a cigarette after 1 month? I have quit a couple other times and I would get to 3 months then something would snap and I would have one then I'm back at it again :( At least I know this time, when I hit that 3 month mark, I'll have to do something different to change things up to get past. I've decided, when I hit my 10%(9 more lbs) I'm going to quit again.

Don't worry too much if your too sore for exercising. You're doing great and just think...when you're body heals/rests, you'll be a running machine! You'll run down the street and all of a sudden you'll hear that music from the bionic woman show :) You'll be wanting to wear a cape! Okay, that may be too much :)lol

BTW...when is your bday in July?

Have a great day

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

First of all... WHHooooOOoooohHHooOOOoo! ONE MONTH SMOKE FREE! YIiiiIiiPPppppppEEEeee! You did it! :) *high five* (erm... are high five's cool anymore? Or should I have done that props thing where we bang fists? I am feeling my age today!)

You poor thing! I would second your husband's opinion that you should go see a doctor. You just never know, it could be something more serious than fractured ribs and they might be able to give you some serious pain killers. (But hey, you already know this!) LOL You are channeling my inner-Mom. :) Eat soup! Bundle up if you go outside! Did you make your bed this morning!? LOL! :)

Do you check your comments on past posts? I went back to what I missed first and wrote a comment that really doesn't make much sense after I read the newer ones. My fear = exactly what happened to you! :)

You supper sounds delish!

Have a good (pain free) day! :)