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So I am starting Saturday's post a little early... like in the middle of the night! lol I will continue on in the morning on this one.

I am just have been playing around, doing homework actually, and working with this Diet Analysis Plus software for my Nutrition class. I have always wondered how many calories and such was I eating on the ww plan. Now we all say it is about 50 cal per pt and then you have the cal for the 0 pt stuff and minus and add pts for the fat and fibre and such... well... I have just entered 3 days of food in to this program and it totally breaks everything down to see what I am eating AND it compares it to the RDI values! Very interesting.... I now see why ww has us taking a multi vitamin and oils every day! Now this is all based on my wt, sex, ht, activity level etc... to compare to my own reccomended values. On just my daily pts of 19, I definately do not have enough food to cover everything! All I can say is I am glad that I use my APs and FPs! They have totally helped in making sure I am eating right. This program has REALLY opened my eyes and I am going to make sure that I am eating enough food from now on while still staying OP.

Now I know I could have just used to figure out my calories... but this is so way better! I really like this program. I hope that I can still use it after my course is finished...

Well my run turned in to one of my best feeling work outs this year... I felt fantastic and I felt like I could have just gone on forever. I set my speed lower for a light run and it felt sooooo good. I was feeling so crampy all day and waited till 8 pm to run and had to force myself to go do it. I was so happy with myself afterwards for making myself do it. :) I did my challenge exercises after and then stretched out and cooled down with some yoga. It is only now that the cramps are coming back on strong... I see some pain relief coming on before beddy-bye.... :)

Well my husband was bugging me tonight (Friday night right now) because of my clothes. He swears that even though I may weigh more than when I first met him... I look way skinnier! :) And that I really do need new clothes here soon because my pants are all looking like I have a 'poopy' bum. lol I know... only a man can come up with a caring remark like this. :) I just had to laugh and say 'thanks sweetie, so when are you taking me shopping?' lol He had no comment. :) I have to account all this difference to the way I am approaching working out and making sure that I have a variety and not just running and eating so many carbs. I also have to thank the amount of water that I drink everyday... before, I was living off of gatorade thinking this was good because I ran. Can you say Sodium. I will leave that one for later. Boy I was ignorant. You think after losing so much wt before that I would have learned a thing or two. Nope. I must say though that this time around is way better and I am learning so much more.

Well since Sunday is my official wi day, I will be watching my sodium and pouring the water down my throat. :) I am starting to try to think of a reward for my next goals here of a few things. I can't really afford much at the moment... so things have to be cheap. I am thinking a 20 lb loss will be my next goal. Also, I have been debating the whole 116 lb wt loss goal... I think I may change it to 120. It is a lot easier to be at that wt. I'll see what my body feels like when I get closer.

I am really hoping to go to hot yoga this afternoon because the withdrawals of not going in the last bit is killing me... I feel so good after a class and what a way to get all stretched out before my long run on Sunday. No matter what though, I am going to do a 30 min walk on the treadmill.

My food for the day is going to be my smoothie for breakfast, maybe my portobello mushroom burger for lunch and salad, and I thought I had plans for supper but my husband is working late so I will be just cooking for Austin and I, then plus some snacks.

As for the update on my son's biography poster, the teacher wrote me back in our communications book and not his EA. She said she told the students that they were being displayed and wanted their best work. She said she knows that Austin can do better and wanted that. OK. Fine. We will do it again, but I don't really think it is a good reason. It was neat for him. I am going to leave this for now because I am sure it will be brought up at our meeting between all of us and I have to trust her judgement. Maybe when we are face to face she can make better sense of all this. I just had to laugh because it was the teacher that responded and not the EA... I was really nice when I wrote in the book...

Well the animals are surrounding me... It's now morning feeding time at my zoo... :) I did finish putting up some pics of all the animals that I have right now on the side bar. Our hamster and baby corn snake are no longer with us :( as of last summer, so they are not in there.

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Froggie-George said...

Hi :) Okay so I have a question? With that program you were working with...why do we need the multivitamin but especially the oil. The multivit. is pretty obvious (I think) although I do not take one.

Way to go on getting out to do your run. Tomorrow...I will hop on my treadmill instead of my bike to switch things up a bit.

have a great nite :)