so nice to run in the warmer weather...

Well, this morning's run was in a nice temp of -8... It felt sooooo good!  I could even have dropped down a layer in my clothes.  It was kinda funny because we were talking about that it was almost nice enough to wear shorts!  lol  Seriously!  Sun was shining and the wind was low.  It was pretty icy out though.  Thankfully no one slipped.

Well for lunch we are going out for dim sum... I have done well eating there before... so I know I can do this.  :)

Yesterday, I finally made it back to hot yoga and got my butt kicked hard!  I am feeling it this morning.  It should be fun tomorrow with both feeling it from the yoga and my run because I am going with my son's school skiing and I am taking a snowboarding lesson!  Yes... I am crazy... and scared... :(  I have always skied.  So I will be out there with all the students in the morning lessons.  This should be funny...  Ask me tomorrow night how I feel.  Watch... I will break something.  lol

Supper tonight is going to be spaghetti or something with chicken from the ESBM book.  I am thinking a chicken recipe from the book would be better as we are all enjoying trying the new recipes.  Well supper turned out to be Domino's Chicken Kickers.  After 1 hr 45 mins walking around the dog park and  being really good at Dim Sum, I figured will all the APs I have earned today, I am going to treat myself. :)  It is the beginning of the ww week for me and including the chicken kickers... I still will not have touched my FPs with 2  APs left to spare!  The sodium is going to be higher today, oh well. water, water, and more water... :)

My husband was also talking about taking all 3 dogs to the dog pard today... we will have to bring the muzzle for the little guy though and he will need to be on a lead.  Denver, the little guy, lasted about half way and then was put in the car.  We are thinking that we may have to look into doggy calming meds for times like this till we can get him back accustomed to other new animals.  Not something I really want to do, but this is a total last resort.

Official wi: 133 lbs, down 13.6 lbs and 15.25 inches!
run: 9.2 km/1:05:00, avg 169 bpm 7:04/km, temp -8 with windshield -14 and winds 13 km/hr, sunny, 8:30 am, dressed with my 3 layers top, 1 bottom, and headband. (a little too warm)
Quit Smoking: Day 28!