knew it was coming...

TOM that is... My plan for the day is drugs... lol OK... so I am not going to drug myself completely up or anything, I do have some homework to kick butt in. :)

Today is a light 3 km run with some challenge exercises. Yesterday's cross training went quite well as I really pushed to go faster with the elliptical and the bike.

Since I have not made it to the hospital to pick up some applications yet and that was one of my goals for the week, that will definately be in order for today. I was talking to my friend last night and she said that they have been in a hiring freeze here since December and that the freeze will be lifted by the end of the month. So I had better get moving. :)

You know... I find it so funny that all the provinces have spring break at different times. The ones that have it now I find a little weird. The kids here have theirs starting with Good Friday and then the following week. To me it just makes sense instead of having all the Easter Candy in their system for school. Just a thought that came to my mind. I heard quite a few people talk on the boards yesterday about being on holidays or they will be starting them next week. The other thing that brought this thought up is that I received an email yesterday from Empire theaters and they advertised toonie mattinees. SK is not on their list... :( because we are not on spring break like most of the country at the same time.... I am wondering if they will do that for us when we start ours?

Well all I can say is I am happy that I made chilli last night for supper and that it will last today also plus some snacks. I really do not feel like doing much today... I really do hate this time of month. Why can't they just take everything when they 'fix' you? I can't carry kids any ways... I know it has to do with hormone production, but seriously... I have taken BC just to control the cramping but it is so useless for me. I just want them to take it all out already!!! This all comes from going to the hospital too many times for serious pain management and wonky TOMs... Well beside the drugs... a hot water bottle will be my best friend.

OK... so I am sounding a little on the grouchy side this morning...

On the positive side, for my challenge wi this morning I am down to 133 lbs, which is 0.6 from last Friday, and I have earned 83 APs since we have started. I am happy with this especially considering who decided to grace us with their presence. Sunday's wi should be interesting... I should say that during this, I don't feel like eating much, where as the week before it... I will eat any thing and fight for control. :)

OK... so I have one more rant... yesterday my son comes home and he is very upset. He tells me he has to redo his biography poster... OK fine... then he shows me his mark that he got on it. 7/10! OK... so I am not quite understanding here... he gets a good mark and they want him to redo it? This is pretty hard for me to comprehend let alone a child that has Asperger's! This is too much of a grey area. He did his work, he got a good mark, now they want him to redo it because they said it is not good enough... Jason and I really had to struggle with this one on trying to calm him down and make this situation a good one. I know they are fighting for neatness with him... but this was neat and he did very well at his printing. Arrrrgh!

Can you tell this is going to be a long day for me yet?

Well, it is just about time here to wake my son up, then off to the races I go.

run: 4.4 km/40 mins, treadmill set at 6.4 km/hr, felt so good at 3 km I just had to continue, I forced myself to stop at 4 km, it felt sooooo good and felt like I could run forever. It was a nice light run.
challenge exercises
Quit Smoking: Day 26!


Froggie-George said...

I hear ya about wanting the doctor's to take everything out! I only get TOM about once maybe twice a year. Weird I know and when I do get it...YIKES! I was thinking about going to the doc and asking what all entails them cleaning me out :)

I tried posting a comment yesterday but it wouldn't work so just wanted to say GOOD JOB on quitting smoking. I'm still smoking and I know it's the hardest thing in the world to quit.

I also wanted to ask about your son....what is Aspergers??? I've never heard of it before. Sorry if I'm prying, but was curious. I hope they find right meds for him. A child sick is always the hardest to take.

Have a great day

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Booo on the teacher. You may have to go to bat for him on this one eh? That must be so frustrating. Especially when you know your son is doing his best. Since when is 7/10 a poor grade?!

How is your homework coming? Plowing through?

I am very excited for March Break! My DH has the whole week off too, so it will be a big family time!

Have a great weekend!