new personal record..

Well last night I achieved a new PR in my running.  I ran 5.19 km is just under 34 mins.  I had planned to run 4 km and when I arrived at the running room, they were going to run 3 km, so there were 3 of us that decided to go a bit extra to make 4... well that turned into just over 5, and a steady run too.  I was very proud of myself as I have only run 4 km straight before!

Today is another homework day.  Yesterday I managed to submit an assignment in one class, and finish another unit in another.  So all went well there.  I never managed to go to the grocery store so today that is in the agenda for sure.

Exercise today is cross training with the elliptical, bike, and walk, with some weights.

With my challenge wi in tomorrow, today is lots of water and very low in sodium.  I have looked at the scale this am, as I always do every morning, and there is a small loss thus far.  I am going to try to shoot for 1 lb so I can make sure I am well in to the next digits, 132's!  I am so grateful that I have not plateaued yet... I know it will come at some pt.  I have been OP since I have started even though I have had my treats.  :)  They were all within pts and that is all good.  I want this so badly... with quitting smoking you always hear of people gaining wt.  I do not want to be one of them.  I really do feel that doing ww while trying to quit is helping me stay in control of my eating.

Well, time to get my son up.  He has had some hard days lately... I am questioning the meds at this pt and wondering if he is going through some hormonal changes.  It is either that or all the sugar leaving his body from being at his Nana Mo's.  I really have to speak to them again about that.

Well today I am on the tired side... and not to mention hot flashes!  I am way too young to have those... :)  This morning though it sure feels like someone has cranked up the heat in a big way and it is like - 29 outside!  So the house should be on the cooler side.  So I am dying of heat here...  well better than freezing I guess.  TOM must be near...

Oh... just saw the temps for next week!  Warmer and plus side... yeah!

Quit Smoking: Day 25!


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

I love that you are reaching new distances with your running! I totally admire you for your diligence in working out.

I read in one of your comments that your son has asperger's? (sp?) My nephew also has this. It is a challenge for my sister. Some doctor's have made the diagnosis, but she has been waiting and waiting to see a specialist. She has been waiting for nearly 2 years. I hope they get help soon before Cameron is too far along in school. (He's in SK)

You stopped smoking and I started BC pills. Thanks goodness for WW's or we would both be gaining right now! :)

Sorry for the long post! I am feeling quite chatty today! :) Have a great day.

Froggie-George said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on quitting smoking. I too am a smoker and still going strong. It's always the scare of gaining weight that has stopped me from quitting. I agree too, that quitting while on WW is a good idea. I'm hoping/planning that I will start quitting when I reach my 10% hopefully this month?!

Have a great day and...get some more homework done! :) lol