No School?

I thought my son had school today but found out last night that he did not.  I even put up the schedule in his classroom and the teacher did not say anything about it.  I am confused now as I was going to sub today... :(  Now I am getting phone calls for other schools.  I did not bring the phone to bed cause I thought ok I guess I am not working and here I have some messages.  Well I guess I am going to be booking myself off since my son is going to be home.  So, no paycheck this month... :(  :(

Last night's run went really well for me.  I am getting so close to running 5 k in 30 mins!  There were a couple of hills that were long and dragged out and I had 3 lights to deal with.  This is my year to hit it I know it!  It was such nice weather last night also.  Tonight I am going to do my first hill workouts for the season on the treadmill.  This should be fun...  I just have to keep saying to myself... I love hill workouts, I love hill workouts...

Well, challenge wi is tomorrow again so lots of water and watching the sodium.  When I went to the store last night, I picked up some cherry tomatoes and snow peas for snacking.  I am trying to not just have mostly fruit during the day so I am hoping that these will help me.  I can't wait to grow my own so it will not be as expensive.  I have looked at those in home light growing kits and they are just under $200!  OUCH!  So, growing right now is out of the question.  Oh well, pretty soon I will be able to start my plants from seed here in preparation to getting ready to start my garden.  I have always just bought prestarted ones and put them in but I am going to try this on my own this year.

I am working on what to do for supper here.  We have some cous cous left over from supper last night (stir fry) so that will be part of it.  I have to get back into planning my meals here... It works out so much better when I do that.  

I have a little rant.  Two weeks ago my chem instructor changed.  The old one was awesome and was always on the ball.  This new one had my assignment for almost a wk before he marked it and I emailed him 2 days ago for some help and I still have not heard anything back!  I am just about finished my next assignment but I am confused on one question on the practice stuff and low and behold there is a question on the assignment that is pretty close to it.  I sure hope that he gets himself organized more and starts to respond quicker.

Well, I had better go and book myself off here so that they know that I am unavailable for work.

run: 3 hills
Quit Smoking: 1 month 8 days