Good Friday

A little late in posting today... I was a bit busy this am.  Austin and I just finished dropping off Jason at the airport with his work partner for some re-certification on some stuff.  Jay won't be home till Monday night now... And with Austin leaving Sunday night... I am going to be alone for 24 hrs!  Woooo Hoooo!  I wonder what kink of trouble I can get into... :)

Well today I went looking for some new runners and wanted to go to a different store other than the Running Room this time to get a second opinion on what shoes to get.  I know I need a stabilizer but the ones I have are not doing to well in keeping my rt foot under control.  I do not want to go to orthotics unless I absolutely HAVE to.  The other store here, Brainsport, has been in Saskatoon for years and are very knowledgeable, but I am always intimidated when I go there because it always seems that just the elite go there.  They are a little bit more expensive, but the knowledge is worth it.  So I got in my car all ready to go with my current running shoes on and low and behold... the store is closed today.  I was quite surprised because majority of the stores here are open, it is just the government, banks, and city ones that I understood were closed.  Oh well,  I can wait until tomorrow.  I just will not be able to wear them on my long run on Sunday.  Have to break them in first and make sure they are good ones for me.

Challenge wi today was a sts.  I was not too surprised as my exercise schedule is going to be hill workouts on the Thurs before Fridays now.  I was contemplating doing them on the Tues but then I have my speed run on Wed.  Decisions, decisions...  But on a good note, I have met my challenge goal and my AP goal.  Surpassed both!  :)

Well I have almost completed a full week of core now and I am still not too sure of what I am going to continue with.  I really like how I am feeling fuller and I do not have the cravings that I used to as much, but on the other hand, my eating schedule for the week is not quite suiting it.  I am having a hard time with that and making the right decisions food wise and I do not want the family to change our little traditions.  I once heard of someone referring to a combined mix of core and flex as flore.  This is where you eat a majority of core foods and count pts.  I must admit that I did continue to count my pts this week while attempting core and I found that I was forcing a little to eat my required amounts for pts with APs.  With switching to more core foods, I was fuller longer.  So, I am going to continue to count the pts and try to continue to be as core as possible and see where this takes me.

NSV today was putting on a pair of pants that I bought myself in Sept/07.  They look ridiculous!  lol.  No word of a lie... when I pull them away from my waist, there is a good 3 inches of a gap!  And these were nice, snug, and fitting when I bought them.  :)  I showed my husband and he just laughed at me and said I was melting away on him. :)  So that put me in a good mood today.

Today for exercise is some cross training, strengthening, and stretching.  We went out for our brunch at OPA and I was very good.  No pita bread, had the chicken, and had the ceasar dressing on the side.  :)  I am sure the chicken would be a bit high on the sodium and extra fat but I will be counting some extra pts for that.

A complaint on the weather here... I thought a temp of 1 should feel warmer than this!  It smells like we are going to have a major snowstorm here!!!  And the cold is just biting.   :(

I joined a new Canadian running group last weekend and I love it.  I was involved in the Mom's in Motion here last year but really did not feel that I fit in.  It seemed that everyone was more of a crowd that just had babies or young toddlers.  So I just did not see the 'fit.'  So this new group is called Running Mania and everyone just seems like a hoot and there are all abilities of runners there.  So I feel quite more at ease with them.  I just ordered some of their running maniac gear so I can run my half marathon here in maniac style.  :)  

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Froggie-George said...

Happy Easter to you too :)

I always buy cheaper runners (even though I don't run...I find them lighter for my walking) but had been thinking to buy a "better" shoe. Hmmmm, will be in Stoon this weekend so will have to go shopping :)

I LOVE having the time off to myself when the kids and Tom are away. It's funny, I always have these big plans of cleaning the house or waxing the floors but usually end up watching a movie! :)

I'm glad you like your new running group. When do you run your half marathon? What an inspiration you are :)

Well off to bed..never actually posted today but caught up on everyone's blogs.

Have a great weekend