another visit!

OK... a little PO'd here... TOM decided to show up again!!!!  Not too happy here.  Last year I had it like 4 times with one or two weeks inbetween with no breaks.  I am going to put it up with the exercise that I have been doing or the injury for now.  If it continues though... I am going to go back to my doc...

Well last night's supper was not core at all.  KFC to be exact.  A whole 18 pts worth! lol I did not eat as much as I usually did before I started ww and I was not stuffed.  I was actually hungry about 3 hours later, so I had some grapes with sour cream then went for my workout.  I made sure I got in my 3+ L/day yesterday and the scale was not too overly bad this am so all is good.  I counted everything and I am moving on.

We rented the movie 'Enchanted' last night and it was funny!  The singing was a bit much but I sure laughed my head off throughout the movie though.

Tonight I have my run with the Running Room group and I think we are running 5 or 6 km tonight.  I have to check that.  I will be working out my IT band a bit this am and make sure I really stretch out good after my run.  Last night I had no pains beside my knee at all so what I am doing is working.  I just have to keep it up!  :)

Not quite sure what I am making for supper yet... I think I am still half asleep here.  :)

Plans for the day are homework and submit and assignment I finished yesterday, running, and a little cleaning.

Edit: I completely forgot to tell you about my 'new love!'  Now, I absolutely HATE plain yogurt... really hate it!  So when I read about people mixing ff chocolate pudding powder in their yogurt, I was really skeptical.  I have tried this on Sunday and man oh man... it is totally da BOMB!!!  I love cheesecake and this tastes just like one. Today I put 1 tsp of olive oil (for daily oils) and a tbsp of bran in also and now it is even more like a cheesecake!!!!  I have ran out of my container so now I have to take a break and go to the store to pick up some more.  Oh ya,  I find it quite satisfying and it really tides me over till my next meal.  It satisfies my cravings for chocolate, desert, and stomach all in one.  :)

run: 5.01 km/32:42 mins, avg 175 bpm 6:31 min/km, temp 2 and sunny with little wind, felt good and could have pushed a bit faster, had 3 stop lights to wt for, outside with running room group
Quit Smoking: 1 month 7 days.


Froggie-George said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Guess your snowboarding days are over??? :)

TOM...What can you ever possibly say about the stupid TOM! I have had problems since having my daughter..where I only get it maybe 1-2 per year. Oh well, the price of being a woman. I really wish men would have to go thru some of the stuff that we do just for a week. Maybe they'd appreciate us a little more :) lol probably not! :)

Have a great day and WAY TO GO again on not smoking :)

candlerun (htabby) said...

Yes...snowboarding days are completely over! lol

Ya... TOM really sucks and I just don't want to deal with it anymore... :)