Last nights eating...

OK... so yesterday I was doing that slow down your eating thing and stop when you are full and I don't know what happened but last night I kept on snacking... 12 almonds, 11 pretzel chips, more yogurt and ff cho-pudding powder, cadbury thin... I finally made myself a home made London Fog tea at home and said enough already!  The only thing that was core was the yogurt and pudding powder by the way.  Yes it could have been worse but man oh man I do not know what happened.  :(  It was completely mindless eating...  oh... and my water... maybe 1 L in? I still have a couple of WPs left but not very many.  I don't know what I am going to do for the rest of the week let alone tonight for Tuesday's eat out night.  I am counting all the pts and trying to move on on core but I am really not sure now how I am going to make it.  I will be earning some APs today for some extra pts and hope for the best.

So for exercise today I am going to cross train, some strengthening exercise, some challenge moves, and some yoga to stretch things out.  Yesterday I managed to do some yoga and really worked on my IT band.  I also iced it 3X yesterday with some pain killers/anti-infamatories and will do the same today.  I still have bruising on my chest so I wont's go super hard working out that area.  There is only minor pain there right now so I will just take it easy on it.

I was considering subbing today but want to work on my homework.  Last night I had a phone call from one of my guy friends that is in the LPN course here.  He started with the RN one and then decide time wise he would just do the LPN first and decide later.  I used to work with him at one of the long term care homes as a special care aid before I became an EA.  Then I ran into him while I was working at a school because his kids went there.  Small world!  :)  Anyways, he kinda kicked my butt more and got me thinking that I really need to buckle down on my straps more.  He is a good person but man, he is worse than a woman on the phone and does not stop talking!  Two hours later... I finally said that I really have to get going!

Well, as I get ready here for the day, my plans are to really try to see if I can get core to work for me, homework, plan meals, and some light cleaning of the house.

cross training
challenge moves
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Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

*wave* I am just popping in quickly to say hi! :) Can't wait until things slow down for me and I can take time to read and browse! :) Take care!

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*waves back* Hi!