Happy Easter!!!

So, was the Easter Bunny good to you this year?  He was to me!  My DS and I have had a great time this weekend doing what he wanted.  Now that things are winding down, I am in the middle of doing laundry so that I can pack his close for his trip this week.

I just finished downing my McD's of a McRib and med fries with a diet coke... all in all the McRib was not so worth it but the fries sure were!!!! :)  Yesterday I did stay within my pts but it really was not that much core.  Today so far the only thing that has been core was my breakie.  *giggle* Oh... those little Lindt chocolate eggs... ate them too.  Don't know how many and don't care today.  I just finished running 12 km and being Easter with just my son around... I let myself go. :)  It was well worth it and I know that I still have a 1 pt left of my daily pts - I think and my flex.  (the little eggs confused me)  But... If I eat well tonight and just stick with my eat out Tuesday... This week should be a good one still.  I know I can get back on track again.

Well.... drum roll please.... I am down to 130.8 lbs! and a whopping 18.5 inches!  Ya Hooooooo!  It was really funny yesterday because I was trying to find a pair of pants to wear and they all looked terrible!!!  I only have 2 pairs of jeans at this moment that I can wear in public. :)  Those 120's are looking mighty fine close at this pt.  The last time I thought I was this wt was back in 2004!  I am really not too sure at this pt because the scale I had been using was out.  By using this new scale and the way the clothes are fitting me... I think I am skinnier.  :)  So I know that when I hit my goal wt before 2004... I really did put wt right back on.  Not this time though!  I will not let myself get past 130 lbs again.  My goal wt is set for really low rt now but I am waiting to see where things taper off more and that should give me a good indication of where I should be now in this time of my life.  I still can't get over the pants though because 3 yrs ago I bought these one pair of pants one summer and today they look extremely baggy... I sure let that wt come back on....

Well today's run went super well.  It was a bit on the slower side again as I was helping with pacing with 2 other girls.  They have a bit of a problem going out too fast at the start and then almost keel over with being so tired.  The distance today was really hard for one of them...  The other was a bit stronger though so at the last half km of the distance I let the other go in stronger and I stayed back and only pushed the one a bit hard coming in.  They are doing quite well though.  My new shoes worked out great!  I am so happy that I went yesterday and got them.

The rest of today is rest besides getting my DS ready to go and then it is all alone time for me for 24 hrs till my DH comes home....  Gee... what am I going to do with myself!  :)

run: 12.02 km/1:28:29 mins, avg 164 bpm 7:22 mins/km, temp -5 small wind, outside and sunny, wore med layer with wind shell.  New Mizuno's worked great.
Quit Smoking: 1 month 11 days


JavaChick said...

Congrats on getting to 130! That seems so far away for me right now. I had a few of those Lindt eggs over the weekend...good stuff that Lindt chocolate.

So you got a pair of Mizunos? I've had two pairs of those that I really liked. So far I am still having a hard time with my sneaker hunt. I may have to break down and ask them to order me a pair of the same type of Mizunos I had last time. I've tried two new pairs of sneakers so far and I keep going back to my old ones.

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

I loved your upbeat message! :) You sound ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Nothing like a happy girl! :) I am so happy for you that you are so close to goal and skinnier than ever! Good for you!

I wish you were here to help me train in running. I would love to be able to go for a 1/2 hr run every day. I need you to kick my butt! I should pick your brain on how to start.

It sounds like Easter was fun for you. That's great. Hey DH is home! What ever are you doing to celebrate?! LOL! :)