One more sleep till the Easter Bunny!

lol  I remember having to count 'sleeps' with my son whenever he was really excited about things like x-mass, Easter, and Halloween.  This year is the first year that he isn't really excited about it.  In fact... he hasn't even brought it up yet!  *tear*  I am more excited about it than he is.  Oh... and my DH forgot about it.  Work and his computer are more important.  :(  So, I asked my DS what he wanted for Easter, so his reply was to go to the bookstore.  lol  My oh my how kids change and mature as they get older.  I am still waiting for myself to go through that cocoon.  lol

Well, besides the big bookstore, today I am going to go take a gander at some new running shoes as it seems that I have miscalculated the age and wear of mine. OOPS!  Might be a bit of the reason I am going back to nursing minor pains again... I just realized that I wrote about this yesterday... sorry.

Took a peek at the scale this am and I am excited if it stays..... I am soooo close to 130 and I am going to jump for joy if I hit it!  So today I am going to be very careful on what I eat and make SURE I drink my 3+ water for the day.  Tomorrow after my official wi though.... watch out chocolate!!!!  Oh... and McD's McRib is soooooooo calling my name!  I will be earning 9-10 APs just on my run tomorrow morning alone....  so I am debating with myself on if I should do it, how can I make it more pt/core friendly (hopeless on core... I know), or if I should feed my body the 'proper' foods.  lol  I have not heard of my extended family having a big supper or anything yet so it is just going to be my DS and I, so I may ask him what he would like to have for supper.  His choice and anything goes.  I am a sucker for kid related holidays... can't you tell yet?  lol

Today is an easy 30 min/about 4k run.  I am hoping to find a pair of runners before this so I can try them out on the treadmill and return if need be.  I won't be wearing the new one's on my long run because that would just be asking for trouble.  Blisters... no thanks!  :)

Well, I will update later how things went at the store.  I am also going to check out some more Easter cartoons and post a couple if worthy.  :)

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