A good day so far...

I sneaked a peak at my scale and was totally surprised!  It showed in the 120's!  Now that is a sight I have not seen (officially) in a looonnnnngggg time. :)  Tomorrow is the beginning of the April Fool's Day challenge and I am hoping that it will stick.  I am finding it quite hard to believe though with all the junk stuff I ate and such high pts at the beginning of the week.  I usually do have a higher pts then but not THAT much or that high.  Sunday alone was over 50 pts!  My FP's are gone as of Tues, and I have just been eating my DPs and APs.  I am trying to sort this in my head is that I either completely shocked my body and put it in super metabolism mode, that I may need more food than what I have been eating, that the guy from 'I Can Make You Thin' on TV has a pt about eating what you want (in moderation)  :), or who knows?  I have been increasing my weekly mileage and being strict with my training so that may have something to do with it and not overtraining.  There are a few factor involved in this so it really makes me wonder.  The other thing is, is that I thought things would really start to slow down here because I was thinking that my body would be leveling itself out because it should be telling me here soon that I am close to a goal of sorts.  The other thing that I think it may be telling me is that my original goal is not too far off from what it should be.  I have gone back to eating core after my little spurt of high pts and it is still hard, but I am going to continue to struggle through it.

Suki is still around, very weak right now but still snugly... I had her out on my shoulder around the house yesterday while I was watching some TV downstairs.  I am so going to miss her if this is her time...  

Today I have some hill repeats that I am going to do.  I was going to do them on the TM but I may head out and drive to the river and do them their.  There is a couple of  really good hills here by Broadway and another couple on the other side of the city by Lawson.  I will probably choose the closest. :)

Last night, the running room group did 5 km instead of 6 that I thought they were going to do.  So I did it and had to really push myself last night though.  The 2 girls did not go so I went faster which was good but started off to fast... My Garmin was giving me wonky readings and I could not tell until it was too late.  So, I still did a great time!  The cold wind was horrible though and it sure felt like it was the beginning of winter all over again out there.  It smelled like it. :)  After the run, a few of us went out to starbucks and decided we should do this more often.  It was fun getting to know more people and all there stories.  A good chunk of us gave the running a reason for there wt loss.  It was also good to hear about some of the mistakes we all made when we first started out.  It made me feel more human and not so embarrassed about mine. :)  I guess we all learn from our mistakes!  :)  Slow and steady is the key, especially when first starting out.

Food wise, I have been a good girl again in this area as stated above. I got myself back on track and I am avoiding chocolate at all costs right now... except my after run chocolate milk of course. :)  OH!  I found Nesquik chocolate syrup with less sugar in the store yesterday!  This is great because I can mix it with my skim milk and it is cheaper and better in pts. :) I have found that the lowest pt chocolate milk so far is the Dairyland brand but it is hard to find.  The other Lucern and Beatrice are higher.  So, it was a great find for me. :)  My body after my run's is thanking me too.

I am still not smoking!  And yes, I really have to update the bottom of my post. :)

run: hills x 5, outside, temp -8 and sunny, 9.44km/1:20:35, avg 165 bpm 8:32min/km, very slow pace as I was doing the hills in the middle, 3k warmup and 3k cooldown, I took the hills easy at the same exertion as I felt running on the flats, since I have been running my hills before on the treadmill my knees took not as highly to the downhill running, I stretched, iced and took ibuprofen, I will have to remember to take extra glucosamine for my joints, I wore too much clothing as I thought it would be colder out. (3 layers) It was a steady run with no walking breaks and only stopped 2x for some stretching.  Yeah!  A PB for me in how long I lasted running straight for me!
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Natasha said...

Your zoo is gorgous! I have never show cased our food. My customers are currently Airdrie, Calgary, Canmore and Cochrane mostly. Good job on the quitting smoking! I quit several years ago as well and know how hard it is! You have a great blog...I will add you to my list and check in =)