April Fool's Challenge begins...

... with an awesome start!  I shocked even myself with this one. :) I stepped on the scale this am for my start wt and low and behold it registered 128.6!!!! OMG!  I am so doing a happy dance right now... lol That's 12.6 lbs away from the original ww wt goal (haven't decided yet officially) and 2 lbs away from a total of 20 lbs lost!  Wooo Hoooo!  I am not about to repeat the eating wk that I had for that (Easter was way to much food) but I must be doing something right.  I ran about 26 km this week in total and I am sticking to my training regime outline for mileage and workouts so I do not overtrain, but Yeesh!  I will take that thank you as a start wt for the challenge and let's just see what happens on Sun morning with my official ww wi...  I am not expecting much now.

So this am I am going to go for breakfast with my Nanny and some of the family.  This is the first time she has been out since her surgery.  The restaurant is well used to adapting our orders for the ww members in the family. :)  So it should be a good breakie. 

I bought a new bike!!!!!  As my last bike I bought in 1993 and it was a good high quality one back then (upper range) and it has lasted me through the years of road and off road use.  Last year the years seemed to catch up to it and I new I had to start keeping an eye out for a new one.  I priced out some last year and they were too much out of my student budget and new I had to wait.  Yesterday I went to a different local bike shop here where I originally bought my other bike and took a few for a test drive.  I found one that just fit like a glove... :) and half the price of what I was looking at last year!  Bikes have sure changed throughout the years so there is a couple of things like the new shifting (I had rapid fires before) but these are different ones.  The breaks are disk ones so no more fighting with the Y-brakes!  Front and back tires are quick release and I have adjustable shocks. :)  It is a cute 14" frame and blue in color.  My husband was a bit mad at me as he says why can't I just have bought one from Zellers, Walmart, or Canadian Tire which would have been cheaper.  Yes I could have.  BUT... I used to buy those before I went to a good quality one and the difference to me was huge.  I need one to last and handle everything that I want it to do for me and the comfort is well worth it. :)  See, last year I was so fed up with the traffic here and I was really frustrated and did not want to drive anymore.  Sitting around in a car for 3 hrs with no bathroom and running out of snacks and water drove me over the edge one day (unexpected traffic jam that shut off one side of the city from the other and the stink from all the vehicles made me sick).  I decided then that I wanted to try to bike or bus it when ever I could instead.  So I did.  In the winter I have have been using my university bus pass most of the time and now that the streets are clearing up... its bike time!!!  So there is my new big purchase for myself.  I figure that I deserve it because it would not take long to add up the amount of cigs it would take to pay for it.  :)

Well it is cross training on the stationary bike and wts for me today.  Then a quick tour on the new bike.

Still a non-smoker!  I will have to continue this after breakie as I just realized I am going to be late! :)

Sbike: 60 mins
wts: 30 mins


Froggie-George said...

Good for you for buying the bike that you wanted. I hear ya with stupid Stoon traffic. We moved out of there in the summer of 2006 and I was never more thankful to not have to drive to the north end for work anymore. Circle drive traffic is ridiculous. I'm assuming you live on the east side as well if you're riding your bike to school. Be careful!

Sooooo jealous of your WI!!! (winking, just kidding)that was my weight before I had my son...12 years ago! Can't blame baby weight anymore! lol Way to go!

Enjoy the bike and watch out for the infamous potholes!