feeling better...

Well today I am feeling like I am going to take a walk!  The complete rest has done me some good and I hope to be well enough on Sunday morning to head out for my long run.  Good news with nothing being broken is I don't lose as much time away from running, and my endurance is still in my muscle memory so that is good.  If all things work out well... I will be back running normally soon!  Yeah!

Well my challenge wi was this morning and I am pleased to say that I managed to get rid of those extra 5 lbs on the scale that scared me this week.  I am down 1.6 lb from last Friday!  Woooo Hoooo!  After seeing the 'scare' on the scale I really tightened up on my eating healthier for the rest of the week and drank I swear 4+ L/day!  The only 'treat' that I had was the angel food cake that was supposed to work out to 2 pts per piece, but after we lost a good chunk of it to the walls of the oven... I think that number dropped.  :)  So happy day for me!

Last night I let my son cook for his dad and himself, I had my own supper all ready before of a turkey kabob.  Austin made hamburger helper all by himself.  He has been really into cooking more and loves doing it, so I thought I would teach him more.  I figure with the packaged foods it would be easier until he can get enough coordination to do more.  This am he wakes up early and says he wants to make pancakes!  Yeesh! Why don't you just tease me some more.  Pancakes.... drool...  lol So my son made his pancakes, a little burnt but who doesn't at times, and right now I am cooking my steel cut oats.  I tried these oats yesterday with a banana and I quite like them.  So we have the fan going from all the pancake mix on the burner.  Austin's little mishap trying to 'flip' the pancakes.  lol  All in all, things went well though.

So last night I was reading a post on the GDT about someone feeling that her daily multivitamins were causing problems in her wt loss... there were some valid pts that were made.  Although from what I have learned I would never give up a daily vitamin, I wonder if looking for a new one would be in order?  The problems that she noted were wt gain and lack of going to the bathroom... if you know what I mean.  Another poster mentioned something about taking a children's vitamin instead?  The amount of Iron in the multi-V was mentioned as a culprit for 'not going'... I will check in to this before I believe it.  If that is true though, I can see where taking a children's Vit would be a lower dose and would ease the problems?  As I said already though, I will not give up my daily Vit but I am willing to change them as I have noticed that 'going' has been more of a problem the last couple of weeks.  My wt loss is not a problem yet but... you never know.  If someone has low iron though... I would not change from an adult dose.  As for everyone taking daily Vit... from what I said before, we need them or we do not get enough of the vit and mins that we need, even when we plan at our best.

Well, my breakie is done cooking and I am hungry.  Sorry, the stomach rules over the blog.

Ok, I am back.  :)  Well, by looking at the mess in the kitchen, I think I know what has to be done first today, so that is what my son and I will be doing first.  I would like to get another couple of assignments in so that will be a priority also.  I was originally planning to take my son skiing today since he has the day off of school and with the 2 for 1 pass I have from the ski hill, but with the injury I can't do that now.  So, I think I am going to have to find another thing we can do.  Maybe the movies, mini golf, not too sure about swimming yet, or maybe go on a hunt for a new 'active' wii game?  Even though we have the old game box DDR, we could always go for the new wii one, I hear it gets the whole body involved.  If I could find the Guitar Hero, I would get that one.  That one really works on the eye-hand coordination.  I know some people would frown at even thinking of getting video games... but you have to understand my son.  Sports are just not his thing... Some of these games have helped him more than you could know with his coordination. It took a long time for him to learn how to use them, but now that he knows... things are better.  When he goes to Calgary to his biological father's after Easter, he is going to be going skiing there.  Although Austin says he is NOT going on the lift though... :)  This should be interesting because my ex-husband feel's that Austin should be able to do things 'normally' and be just like every other 11 yr old boy... 

We are going to make another 'treat' though later today... the low pt brownies made with the bran.  So we will see how much damage we can do with that one.  lol

Well, I have gone on quite long enough for today.

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