a good day...

Well I am feeling much better this morning and the bruising doesn't look so bad....  actually kind of funny... :)  I did manage to go for a walk yesterday and I took my son for a game of mini golf.  I had to laugh, not really laugh but you'll know what I mean, at a lady with her approx 4 yr old son behind me... She looked like she was going to drop her baby at any moment.  She was pregnant.  The baby had dropped soooooo much on her it actually looked kind of funny.  I asked her when she was due and she said 'today' (yesterday).  And she had the courage to do 18 rounds of mini golf!!!  I am serious... the baby was so far down and forward it looked like it was going to come any second... Good for her!

Well yesterday my son and I made the low pt chocolate brownies from the ww site with the All Bran cereal.  They were a hit with us all.  My husband said I could make these every night...  I warned him about the amount of fibre in them but he did not care...  lol  My son had like 3 pieces....  My husband had 2... I had one, I was a good girl in controlling myself... :)  I also made some steak marinated in the Lord of the Wings sauce from the ESBM cookbook and some wild mushroom cous sous with a side of salade.  Supper was AWESOME!!!  I will be making all that again... ;)

Well this am I have to wake my son up here and get him ready.  He wants to make pancakes again... before he goes to space club.  After he is done there, I am driving him to his friend's house.  You know he is old enough (11) to walk there but he is afraid to.  I may go and tutor my friend in math while he is there.  She is working on finishing her high school math for the requirements in the nursing course.

Today I am feeling good enough to go for another walk.  I am hoping that tomorrow is even better as I really do not want to miss my long run.  We are supposed to run 10 km and I cant't miss that one...

Tomorrow is official ww wi in day so there is lots of water planned and I hope to avoid some sodium as well.  I was quite happy with my result yesterday in the challenge wi and I do not want to mess it up.  I sure can't wait for after my run though... it is going to be an easy 8 extra pts for me!  Yeah!  Dim Sum may be calling my name....  I know I should chose a little healthier... but besides Tues eat out night, Sunday is the only other time that I would chose to eat worse foods.  Its all in moderation.... and controlled portions... lol

Quit Smoking: 1 month 3 days