WI day, quit 'nasty' day...

weight: 136.6 lbs
inches lost: 10.5"
quit smoking: day 1

Weigh-in today went well and I am happy. I am .2 lb from my 10 goal mark but that is ok. I just realized that I forgot to finish my daily points yesterday and I should have had more water for that popcorn I had. I am feeling pretty good about how everything is going and trying to get ready for when things are going to go bad.

Today I quit smoking. Yep. I took the plunge and I had better do it this time. I have tried all sorts of ways before so here I go. Its funny 'cause I would have had a good couple now already. I feel a little funny in the fingers... It has to be in my mind... nerves. Be prepared for some grouchy days ahead... I am trying the nicorette lozenges, so I get to look like a chipmunk hoarding food in my cheek several times/day. :)

So, with my day full of an adventure already, my plan is to keep myself busy. Have to get to the grocery store here soon and stock up on what we need for the week. I will be getting some walking in on the treadmill, the elliptical, then follow up with some yoga. Water is going to be a big thing today as I would really like to get at least 4 L in *flush!* . Then the rest of my plans for the day consist of homework, housework, and just generally keep myself busy. I am making ww slow cooker lasagna for supper tonight, so that should keep me busy for a while. :)


Froggie-George said...

Way to go on quitting smoking. I know it's hard (I've tried 3 times) but keep at it and you'll beat it! :)
When I hit my 10%...I'll join you :)
Oh yeah, btw...you're description on the "hot yoga"???? Holy crap, I can't remember the last time I was that bendy! :) lol