Hot Yoga

I did it! Yeah! I finally got to go to hot yoga and I am totally hooked. I have asked my husband to get me a pass for Valentine's day. I wasn't sure if I would be able to go to the Sat. one 'cause it is not really a beginner one, but there was no problem and I kept up. I had to laugh because here he was helping people to pose right and did not have to help me. He came to me once to help advance my back bend. Here I was basically bent in half from the back holding on to his ankles. I was dying... I have never had so much sweat drop off me before in such a short time. I feel so good right now. A little sore but feel so relaxed yet hyper. It really put me in a good mood. The only thing that depresses me is that for 85 mins of strenuous work, it was only 3 APs. Oh well, I just keep on thinking of how the shape of my body is changing. I am going back on Mon. night.

So there, I learnt more about myself today; to control anger - tae kwon do and tae bo, and hot yoga - to put me in a good yet relaxed mood.


Anonymous said...

great job on the blog!