getting worried

I am getting pretty worried about quitting the nasty tomorrow. I have reminded my DH that Sunday is the day and I do not think that he is going to try. So with him continuing... I just hope that I am strong enough. I am also so worried that I am going to gain the weight back. Every time I have tried the last few times, I have put on weight. I think that is the part of the problem why I have been slowly putting back on the pounds before. I am hoping that this ww and quitting thing will help control the amount of food that I eat. I have still been OP thus far... and would like to continue this way.

I snuck a peak at the scale today and yippee! I have lost 10.2 lbs! Official is tomorrow but what the hey. So I bought some mineral makeup online this am for my accomplishment.

Yesterday was a crazy workout day. I did it! I ran again and it felt oh so good! I only had a slight twinge on the side of my rt knee. I backed off the speed a bit and watched my gait. I do not know if it was my IT band being to tight this time or what. I was just so excited. I wanted to get in a 'test' if you will to compare my results of running with smoking vs. non-smoking. Here is my smoking results: 35 min (first 5 min warmup) and 4.25 km. (not quite up to par from what I was but that is ok) It was hard and I was breathing heavily. Now I can't wait to see the difference each week on how I do! I also did some tae bo and yoga yesterday. Tae bo kicked my butt!

Last night my lovely DH was supposed to make supper and he decide the computer was more interesting, My DS (Austin - I have to use names here... I need this real) and I were both starving... I finally said to Austin that it looks like it is a fend for yourself night for supper so what do you want. Finally at 7:30 Jason, DH, says no... he'll order something. ARRRRG! So we had Boston Pizza and I choose the tortellini with pomodoro sauce. I ate half for a great 5 pts! Quite happy there and there was no snacking for the rest of the night.

This am ran out of milk and bananas so I was not able to have my smoothie (1 banana, 1/2 c mixed berries, 1/2 c milk, tsp soy protein powder, 1/2 tsp ground flax, and 1/2 tsp bran) So I ended up having one of those Quaker Weight Control Oatmeals. I am noticing that I am hungrier already...and it is only 9:50 am. My coffee should keep me...its being made right now, till snack time.:) oh yes, and water, water, water,... you get the idea :)

Well plans for the day are drop Austin off at Space club (done), pick Austin up, maybe try to get into the hot yoga this afternoon, final workout before WI, homework, housework, and try a new recipe for supper. Oh ya... and finally get a current pic of my on here. A new challenge was posted so I have to figure out how much weight do I think I can lose in 5 wks. With quitting the nasty... I have no clue.

run: 35 min/4.25 km with 5 min warmup included, cloudy day and cold, TOM, felt hard