Happy TGIF!

Well last night supper went well for the most part. I did not touch one grain of rice, noodle, fried food, or any other sins I can think of. I ate all things steamed only. Ginger steamed fish, steamed tofu and shrimp, and steamed chicken and broccoli. The only thing I could have done better was to stop eating when I was full! But it was too good... and now there are leftovers sitting at my house. :( But I will look at the positives that I did; ate all steamed, drank lots of water and tea!

Today was my challenge WI and wouldn't you know it I started TOM! I knew it was coming 'cause of the crabby mood I have been in. :) I managed to go down 0.4 lb which is great considering the supper last night and TOM! NSV for me! It was a loss. I am happy. I actually expected a gain. Nice way to wake up I would say.

Well last night I did not get my jog in. :( We spent too much time out. Today is the day though to try to get 30 mins in. Wish me luck! I will be doing some yoga too and yes I am going to set up my basement like I said I would. LOL! Gotta get my 'hot yoga' some how!

I just realized that I do not have a pic yet of myself as of today's date on here. I think I will fix that today also not to mention figuring out how to get my previous pic a better size for viewing. I am proud of what I have accomplished before and love to show it off. That's why the one pic is in such terrible shape. I carry it in my wallet to remind myself.