Gung Hay Fat Choi! (Happy Chinese New Year!)

Well today was a long day. Busy the whole time carrying, coaxing, getting kicked, pinched, bit, but loving every minute of it! I do love working with these children. The smallest accomplishments that they make really make my day... I had to cram what I had planned for lunch and snack into 30 mins of a lunch break... little hard but I knew I would faint if I did not eat enough to last me. My son and his EA came to visit me and show me his art work that he made in the afternoon and that just cheered me up so much! If I was wanting a contract again, I would love to work at his school. The staff there are awesome also.

I am trying to psyche myself up for supper tonight. It is going to be a challenge for me to sit there with all that lovely, tasty, fresh Chinese food.... ahhhhh.... it is truly my weakness. Good thing I married into a Chinese family :) (joking...) It will be a big NSV for me tonight if I do well, and with my challenge WI tomorrow... I had better be good! I will be trying to get in as much water as I can now, during, and after.

All this talk about food is making me think maybe I should go for a jog tonight. My leg feels rested and has not been sore for over a week now, so I am hope to get a bit in. I am not going to push it... I just do not want to lose what I have accomplished. I have been increasing my walking so I am not stressing the calf and knee as much. Oh, ya, for all who do not know... I ran a marathon a couple of years ago and ended up with an injury. I finished it... but had to take some time off. I have been jogging here and there, but not to what I am capable of doing. Next week I hope to start back slowly and regularly again. My initial plan was to a half here at the end of Feb... but endurance wise I am not ready. And by the way... I am not speedy gonzalis... I am a back of the packer and prefer it that way. I get more enjoyment out of it. I still like to improve my time... It is just not my goal to win anything. The accomplishment means the most to me.

oh ya... since Dec. 30/07 I have still been OP!