so I got bored...

Well as you may have noticed a new beach background for my blog. It is now 2:45 am and I am done for now. I was a little tired of trying to get my pics to view well with the clear post background, so I opted for one that had a solid one instead. I am not too overly fond of the orange post background but I just LOVE the purple in the template, and the beach... of course! :)

It sure is a pain in the but though changing the template with the Pizaz though... I have to save everything before I can change it and then put it all back on... time consuming....

But I do like the way that the pics and such pop out a bit more now.

Off to bed.


Girl on a Mission... said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great pictures of the friendly animals...I have a doggie and he's just like a child! Spoiled rotten and loved to death!

Wishing you success as well!
Hope to hear from you again!