yeah! its Friday!!!!

I am so happy that it is Friday today... I have been looking forward to it all week.

Yesterday's teriyaki turkey burgers went awesomely well. Thanks to who suggested that one in their blog... see, I do read others. :) My husband swears that I put onion in his though... I didn't except mine and it was in a totally different bowl. I even cooked mine after his... he hates onions and I love to cook with them so I separate some of the recipes. :) We had the burgers with the whole wheat PC Burgers first burger buns. They look really weird but they work awesome and we loved using them. They tasted really good too!

My challenge wi went really well today, even with the super late being awake last night deciding that I finally had enough with the see through background in my blog. I had a coffee with my favorite non-fat creamer at 1 am cause I was just a cravin' it. :) The scale showed a 133.6 lbs for my weight! Woooo hooo!

So far the 19 pts thing has not been too much of an issue for me since I usually go into my APs as needed thru-out the week and the same with the FPs. So that is going well. I am finding that I am putting raw bran in everything though... just so I make sure I am getting my fibre in... yesterday I even put it with my scrambled eggs in olive oil... I know... WIERD.

So it took me since I got home on Mon till the last 2 days to finally get my priorities back in order with losing wt. As I said earlier... it payed off nicely.

My Nanny is still doing pretty good. I could never imagine going through that. When I was told back in 1992 that the chances of me walking or walking normally were slim and that I lost the use of my right hand (bad car accident) I was in total shock and was very depressed about the whole thing. Then I became mad and determined that I would prove the doctor's wrong. Well I did it... I will never be 100%, but I can run properly enough ;) and I have my hand back (thanks to the nerve growing back). My Nanny is joking about things right now, I know she is trying to hide her feelings about everything... but she has her life and will be with us longer... ok... now I have made myself sad...

Exercises for today are cross training with elliptical, bike, walking, then challenge exercises and yoga.

As today I am signing up officially for my half marathon for May, I am going to post a pick today of me and my friend in the full I did a few years ago. I am also going to finish putting up picks of my 'zoo' here so everyone will know why I call it 'the zoo.'

elliptical 35 mins yeah!
walking 30 mins
bike 30 mins
challenge exercises
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