she came out of surgery fine...

Well my Nanny's surgery went well. That is good. She is pretty out of it and my one aunt stayed there the night. My mom is going to stay there the night tonight and I am visiting her today. I hope that she handles the whole breast thing ok...

Well I have a complaint. I have been using the Nicorette Lozenges for quitting smoking and lets just say that my gums are SORE!!! I only use 2-3/day but they last forever in my cheek! If I try to get rid of them faster I get sick. It would be really nice if they would make them so that they were more sensitive to mouths! I am switching to the gum here and going to try the Thrive stuff to see how they are and if they are any better.

Last night we made the 'Sticky Chicken' from the ESMB book (Eat, Shrink, and be Merry) and they were a hit at my house. It was 6 pts for the amount that I had but oh so good. The rest of the fam had it with some side kicks and I had mine over a salad. Really nummies.... mmmmmm.... Tonight I am making the teriyaki chicken from the ww site.

Today is a really focus on the water day and very low sodium as my challenge wi is tomorrow morning. The scale has been good to me thus far and it would be nice to move it down...

Yesterday I took just took Tala, my husky, to the dog park... Cleo was still slow moving from yesterday's. Tala had so much fun and was more interested in meeting all the the people more than the other dogs. She is just a socialite. :) I have never met a dog or person that she does not like. She is just my cuddle bunny... :)

Last night's run went really well for the first time going outside this year. I thought I would have more trouble with the ice and snow but it was not too bad. I had a decent time and was quite happy with it. It was nice because I was running with a clinic group that is doing their first half marathon and they were quite intrigued by my experiences and doing the half and full before. So it was like I was some kind of celebrity... :) I will be joining them from now on on Wed and Sun for running especially as the long runs get longer... it is nice to have someone with you and since my running partner can not run anymore, this is great! It was just a really great feeling to put on all my outside gear again and go...

Today for exercises I am going for a 3 Km quick run, challenge exercises, and hot yoga. The gym were I do my hot yoga have cancelled Wed nights because they lost their instructor to Ireland... :( So I am happy to be going tonight and get a nice deep stretch in all my muscles. I really think that this is going to help me with my too tight of muscles that I alway get when running. I generally have a problem with my IT band always getting to tight and have gone in the past to a massage therapists to help. This time I am seeing how the hot yoga helps it. I have a few problems in areas of my body from my car accident back in 1992 that will never be the same. But I move on and do my best!

run: 2.9 km/19:21 mins, outside, temp -1 windy, 10 am, avg 157 bpm 6:40 mins/km, steady run, sunny, thin 1st layer and windpro shell - was warm, felt good, by myself
hot yoga
challenge exercises
Quit Smoking: Day 19!


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

That's great news on you Nanny!

Yow, the sore gums do not sound fun. :( Hopefully the new stuff will be better.

Have a great OP day!

"The scale has been god to me..." What a Freudian slip! LOL! :)

candlerun said...

I guess I am going to have to change that... lol!

Thanks for the comment on my Nanny. :)

JavaChick said...

Glad to hear your Nanny is doing well. Must be tough for her to go through.

We love the Kickin' Chicken from ESBM, but have never got around to trying the Sticky Chicken recipe.