Nanny's surgery...

Well today my Nanny goes in for her surgery. Yesterday they decided that they were going to remove the whole one breast also besides her lymph nodes... We are all very nervous this time as her health is not that good. Last time she went for her cancer surgery they only took the lump out of the other breast. She also does not want Kemo this time... she felt she got way too sick last time and is opting for radiation... She feels that if she only has a few years left here she wants not to bring on sickness like that. The whole family is in town.

Well given all this news yesterday... This morning is turning into a tornado... I slept in till 8:20! I never sleep in like that! I always wake up on time before the alarm. My alarm did not go off and the same with Jason's... Austin is really upset and does not understand that he has to wait for his medications to kick in before I can take him to school... so he is quite angry right now...

As for running yesterday... I never managed to go. We took the dogs to the dog park and walked around for 1 hour and later while watching the Biggest Loser I rode the bike for 40 mins.

Speaking about running... yesterday I was looking at the Sk marathon site that is happening in May... and I think I may be ready to do the Half! With the quitting smoking things are shaping up fast for me. I am sticking to good cross training so I do not over do it. I have to decide before the end of the week. This will give me even more motivation to not smoke! The last time I did a Full one... I smoked. :( I know.. BAD! So it will be nice to do this without smoking... I am going to go running with the running club tonight outside... I hate running on the ice as this is how I injured myself the last time I trained for my full marathon. Here's hoping that it will all work out!

Last night we had our Taco TIme for eat out night and I spoiled myself this time... hard taco, mexi fries!!!! and water, water, water... I was surprised as the scale was good to me this am... :)

Not smoking is doing well, I still am getting my grumpy stages...

Oh... and the Asian zero pt soup turned out really good yesterday!!!

run: 3.96 km/26.57 mins, outside with running room, 6 pm, avg 189bpm 6.49 min/km, felt good tonight for the first time outside this year, did 10/1's, temp -6 and cloudy, thin1st layer + windpro shell + windbreaker - was too warm,
challenge exercises
Quit Smoking: Day 18!