Well up at 8 am, why? who knows... my son is at my mom's house for the night and I just can't sleep in. I was just tossing and turning for the last bit. My son really wanted to go and stay at my mom's last night for a visit because my other younger cousins were all there. Jason and I went to see the movie '27 Dresses' and we both found it quite funny. I was actually quite surprised that he found it funny.

Yesterday, I ended up dealing with neighbour's (both sides) cars parked in certain spots. On the left side, one was parked on the sidewalk (found that one funny) and the right side they were parking basically 3/4 of their car on our driveway. I wanted to clear the snow but the car was in the way, not to mention that I have nearly hit their car a few times now trying to get out. The dad, 'owner' of the house, came to visit them and saw what was happening and spoke to them for me. He told me next time to go give them 'sh@t', was his words. :)

I managed to get in most of my exercises before the movie, but not the run. So at 10 pm last night, I went. I also bought a yoga book yesterday for some new ideas in a routine, so I tried that out afterwards also.

Well, I can't believe that it has been 7 days, not smoking! Woooo hooo! Thanks everyone for all the encouragement! Around here, everyone smokes, most of my family, and friends. So it is really hard because they are not so encouraging and say that I won't succeed. Geez, it sounds a lot like losing weight! There is always someone out there that says oh you can't do that, or you will never succeed. Well I HAVE succeeded once already with the wt loss once, and I am doing it again, AND I WILL succeed at not smoking also!

Today I am going to go to hot yoga and get my but kicked by 'Ryan', the instructor, again. It is quite the workout and has your muscles screaming, but it feels so GOOD afterwards! We are all going out for supper tonight with Jason's dad and brother. It is the anniversary of their mother's death (3 yrs) so we are going out for Chinese food. I don't know if I had mentioned this before but Jason's family is Chinese, so we eat Chinese a lot of occasions. I must say though that this week has been terrible for eating out! I can't wait for next week as we do not have anything planned except our 'regular' eat out night.

After today's festivities, I will be going for a nice long walk on the treadmill. In the mean time I am going to be eating mostly fruits, veggies, and have my milk products because of the eating out tonight. Oh ya... and LOTS of water before and after. Other than that, homework and cleaning.

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Quit Smoking: Day 7!


Marisa_Lyn285 said...

I got it at my meeting! It was about 20 dollars plus tax, I think? Got it last year though - no idea if they still have them.