no chocolate hangover for me...

Besides my one piece of a reeses pieces miniature cup, that was it. :) Oh ya... we had Domino's pizza last night (rare thing for me...) I haven't had it since I started ww. So we ordered a med. veggie for me. WOW! Talk about a challenge just trying to figure out the points for it especially when they cut it in the squares! I still have not quite figured it out properly I believe... I tried out a few online sites including domino's itself and was lost! They keep on talking about 2 pieces or grams. I tried weighing, I wasn't sure if the site was thin, thick, or hand tossed... arrrrrgh! The ww site was even mixed up. I found the pizza for 1/4 of a med (not sure what the crust was?) and when I put it in the tracker... it was for a 1/8 of a pizza! So that is when I went to the other sites. Could they make it even more confusing!!!!! Not Happy!

Yesterday, we did not end up going to the movie. Austin was starting to get sick so we figured tonight may be better if he is well. So I ended up going to hot yoga with my pass I just got. I thought I would try a different instructor. Well, I did not get worked as hard, there were just a lot of stretches. I found out later it was her first night teaching there... She was very nice and gave us a very relaxing time. I had a great sleep last night. :)

Today is homework, cleaning, and exercise. Jason and I are going to go to Grainfield's for lunch. I like going there the odd time because I can have my egg whites, plain rye bread, and a fruit cup. Sometimes I will have some bacon. :) It's their lite breakfast. For the rest of the day I am having my breakfast smoothie, and more fruit and veggies (a good size salad with ham), and a lite supper.

I feel like it is going to be another run day today. Just 30 mins again. I have snuck a peek at the scale and there is no movement from Sunday still, so I am hoping to shake things up a bit. I start the Game on Challenge today and have decided that I will shoot for 132 lbs which is 4.6 lbs in 5 weeks. This challenge is also to make sure we earn AP's every day and set a goal for that one. My goal is to earn 135 APs in 35 days. I have to change my sig in ww for this to keep track.

Well, I am really looking forward to Sunday when I weigh in and take my measurements. I feel smaller... and I can start to really see some differences. I guess that is the plus about being shorter because you get to see the results faster! :)

run: 30 mins/4.03 km, felt good until last 5 mins, 10 pm, going to be warm outside, cloudy, feeling good, on treadmil
challenge exercises
Quit smoking: Day 6


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Yay! Day 6 of not smoking!!!!

That pizza thing sucks. Pizza Hut does the same thing. Now I ask for it to be cut into slices for easier point calculation.

Hope your little one is feeling better soon!