Happy Valentine's Day!

These are the wonderful things that I got to wake up to this morning. :) Cards from my husband, son, and animals. A cute stuffed frog, flowers, and my pass for hot yoga. It was funny 'cause everything but the flowers were upstairs, and when I went to feed the cat and dogs downstairs, my flowers were waiting for me. ahhhhhhh..... Tonight we are heading out to the movie all three of us. I want to see '27 Dresses' but I think I am going to have to do some convincing the 'boys' first. lol I was contemplating having some popcorn there... but instead I am going to pre-pop my mini bag of popcorn at home and then sneak it in. :) I just may though have some frozen non-fat yogurt with berries.... mmmmmmm

I am feeling pretty good today. Grumpiness is not as bad. :) Yesterday was another smoke free day. Yeah! It really is getting easier.

Yesterday was also a great day for exercising. I had a wonderful short run and finished everything that I had planned to do. Today, the plan is a nice long walk, yoga, challenge exercises, and a bit of the elliptical. I was going to try some jump rope... not quite sure on that one yet. We will see how I feel.

Other than that, homework, homework, homework! (I have so much to do!) I also have to sneak out here now to go get something for my husband 'cause I forgot!!!!! oops! Wish me luck in the stores...

Quit smoking; Day 5


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

You've quit smoking, hurray for you! Keep up the good work!