the day after...

Well last night's supper went well but way too late. We did not end up eating till about 8 pm. Jason's brother also ended up ordering so things were not so familiar recipe wise, so when I tried to look in the tracker and online, it was hopeless. So I ended up giving my best guesstimate for everything. I again avoided all rice, noodles, and drank lots of water and tea. I ate all vegetables and about 3 oz of chicken. As for the sauces? I have no clue. Jason's family is starting to wonder what is up because we always eat rice at our meals and I avoided them again. They do not know about ww. I am a little embarrassed to say anything. But as it goes without saying... this is a lifestyle change, not a diet (although I know some would disagree as I sometimes do) and there will be things that I will not be having as much as I used to. I really think the hardest part for me is the sticky rice on days we go for Dim Sum. I just love sticky rice! I just have to realized that I can't have the whole thing. :)

Today was official wi day for me. I was down 0.8 lbs. I am not sure what to expect. On one hand I was truly hoping for more because I was really careful on how much I ate last week, but on the other hand I had some questionable dinners that I am not close enough to 100% knowing how many calories or sodium I have taken in. This can be so confusing some times. I have drank 3+ L of water every day and made sure I got my APs in. I did not go overboard in getting APs. I really tried to watch my sodium and I am measuring everything. Today, I may be going to walmart and checking out the digital scales there. I am starting to wonder if mine is out. But good news is that it is a loss and not a gain. So for the grand total of things, I have lost 10.6 lbs and 13.5 inches since Dec. 30/07! When I just sit back and look at that... I am on track and losing the proper amount that I should be. So I am doing well.

Yesterday's hot yoga went as well as planned. Loved it! Nothing like draining your body of all fluids.. :) Every thing was soaked and wet around me. The towel I had kept slipping so I may have to go and get a 'proper' towel.

My son decided he wanted to stay at my mom's again last night... he just loves it there because they keep on giving him the stuff that is 'off limits' for him here like fruit loops! Besides being absolutely terrible for sugar (he gets hyper way too much) he breaks out all over his face from it. So he lives a life of pop, sugar, chips, and all other known junk foods while he is there. Yes I have spoken to her, but it doesn't help.

Today I am going for a run and some yoga. Tonight for supper I am making the ww slow cooker lasagna.

run: 30 mins/4.03 km, 7:30 pm,nice out, treadmil, felt good until last 3 mins
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