my dog ate my supper...

OK. I just finished putting food on my plate and Jason came home to pick something up. So I put my untouched plate on the counter far back and go talk to Jason. When I come back, my plate is still there but the food is gone. Cleo made a mad dash to the bedroom. ARrrg! She ate my supper which consisted of one biscuit, one serving of lasagna, and caesar salad! I was so frustrated because she has NEVER done that before! All I can say is it is a good thing I had enough leftovers for another plate. Geez, I thought I only had to worry about the cat getting on the counter, now the dog too.

Well last night's run went really well until I hit 20 mins. Then a severe stomach cramp hit me. I did not want to stop running so I held on to the treadmill till I was done. This reminded me of the types of food I can only have before a run and which ones I can't. I had too many fruits before hand that day and were not quite digested yet.

Today is a lighter workout day for me. I am planning on just a walk, yoga, and challenge exercises.

As for the rest of the day, I am going to kick some homework butt! Yesterday I had some correspondence with the college about proving that I am taking my Chem 30 and Biology 30. I have already taken university classes in Bio and I am taking Chem now. So I received conformation that they will accept my Bio and the Chem. Yeah! Maybe I will have good news here in the soon future.

walk/run: 30 mins walk/30 mins lite run 10:45 pm, had way too much energy!
challenge exercises
Quit Smoking: Day 11