I booked a hotel...

Well today I decided I needed some 'me' time and well... I am driving to Calgary on Friday morning. I booked a fairly decent price on a hotel and I am so excited to go away! I have not gone somewhere by myself in 2 years and really need this time to spend by myself. I really can not afford it... but my sanity right now needs it. So this room has a queen size bed and is non-smoking... This will help me being away from my husband cause he still smokes. I need to succeed in doing this quitting thing. The hotel also has a workout room and a salt water pool.... APs for me! I so can not wait. I was so excited about it, when my hot yoga got cancelled, I came home and booked my hotel, surfed around a bit on the web and decided I still need APs for the day. So I decided to go for a walk on the treadmill and then challenge exercises and yoga. I had so much energy that I walked for just under 20 mins and decided to run for a bit. Well that running turned into a great experience and I had to stop myself at 30 mins of it. I only had it set for 6.8 km/hr so it was a nice light run. I then finished walking for 10 mins to cool down. After all that, I then did my challenge exercises and yoga. :) It was a busy night.

So since I am writing this on 'late' Wed evening, or I guess it really is Thurs now....:) OOPS! I will plan my day now. Today I am going to wash the car and empty it out for the trip. Pack what I need and find a bathing suit that fits me. Fill up the car and make sure that the fam has everything that they need while I am gone. I am then going to try to get some housework and homework done. I have to find a map of Calgary cause I have no flippin clue where I am going there. I always get lost. :) I know how to get to the mountains and that is about it. I am also going to do some meal planning for some meals ahead of time. I figure I better be prepared or I may sabotage myself. I may call some friends while I am there or maybe not. I just like the idea of getting away from everything.

For exercises today I am planning a run, yoga, and challenge exercises. My food plan for the day is reduced sodium and 3+ L of water. Challenge wi is on Fri morning.

challenge exercises
Quit smoking: Day 12!


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

A nice "light" run for 30 minutes?! Are you kidding me?! I'd be flat out on the floor, gasping out "call...gasp 9 gasp 1 gasp 1!" LOL

Well done! :)