I arrived in Calgary..

The drive was great until the last hour... detours and construction. But the rest went really well and I made good time too. :) So I have not managed to get any APs in yet... I am thinking about the pool right now. hmmm.... As for eating, so far I have only had 5 pts and it is 5 pm my time! yeowza! I had better get on that. You know there is a Timmies AND a McD's RIGHT beside my hotel! Arrrg! The temptation of it. :( I have brought some healthy snacks for myself but I need a good meal right now.

So... plan for the rest of the evening?
hot tub :)
movies :)
relaxation :):)
not smoking

oh ya! I weighed in at 135.2 lbs and earned 33 APs for the March madness challenge! WOooooo hooooo!