A Snowy New Years

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful safe and Happy New Years. I visited my family for a bit and then we went to a house party. The guys had a good game of poker going while the girls sat around and talked. I ended up coming home about 1:30 am. So it was an early night in the end. We ended up getting a bunch of snow the whole night. My little car with a sports pak doesn't like the snow too much. Last year I ended up hanging up my car on a bunch of snow. It took forever for me to dig out of that one.
Well I have 4 days left of holidays and then it is back to work for me. I work at one of the elementary schools here as an Educational Assistant. It can be a stressful job but the rewards I sometimes get make it very worth it in the end. I am also taking a university class starting this Wednesday. I have been taking a math readiness course in prep for a university one since it has been 15 years since I have graduated from high school. I have to refresh my math skills but I enjoy it though. So all in all almost everynight after work I have something to do. The one good thing is that our university is offering this course on the web, so I can work on it in my spare time. I will let you know how it is going.
Well, Sunday chores await me, take care...