Preparing for the New Year

Well a brand new year is upon us and and the list of resolutions has begun... Well, not that many resolutions. Just a few like finally breaking the smoking habit for one and getting back into running. I finished my first marathon last year and I would like to do another. Nothing like running on the ice and snow to start your day. In the end it all works out though.
Today, I get to get things ready to go out for the new year house gathering. You know, typical things like an outfit, hairspray, tiny bottle of something(I do not drink much), and of course taking care of the animals (MY son too if he was here but he is with his dad this holiday).
I plan to post some pics of everyone and other things as soon as I figure how all this stuff works. I can try one now of my 8 month old Siberean Husky, Tala. I will add the others hopefully soon.
Well I guess I could describe one of my pride and joys (or craziness) my zoo. My one dog you have already been introduced to, Tala. The other is, we think, a Doberman X, Cleo. I have four Ferrets: Jasper(Tubby), Miss Emma(speedy gonzalas), Niki(our theif), and Jasmine(meanie, she's deaf). Bijou is our teddy bear hampster. Out of our 22 fish, some have names: Flash(koi), Tiger(koi), Tippi(fantail goldfish), blackie(fantail goldfish), and Fancy(regular goldfish). We have two ponds that we set up in the spring to put everyone in. We have too cold of winters here. Well, I think that is it for animals. Everyone says I should get an acreage, but I know I would get more animals if I did. But then I could maybe run a Ferret Rescue then....hmmm....
Well, it was nice bloggin' with you...hope you have a safe and Happy New Years!
Till I blog again...