Weekly Running Summary

This past week did not go quite as planned for all my workouts thanks to having the life of a stressed out university student, but I did get in three good runs that felt good for me, and I am happy with that. I am even happier that I am seeing some improvements again in my average pace. Yay!

It has been a while because It seemed like when I had my broken leg set back, that I never really returned back to the pace I was running prior.  Even though my pace isn't fast for some of you, it was great when I finally beat that 30 min mark for my 5k @ just under 29 mins. I was stoked let me tell you. After I broke my leg though, I just did enough to cover the distance and not really motivated to try harder.  I was just SATISFIED with getting out there and running.

Now, I am still happy with being satisfied with physically being out there, but I want that taste of some new PBs.  It doesn't matter what distance I do it in, I really don't care, but I have a feeling that as long as I am careful with my training this year, that I can experience more running accomplishments for myself.

(Stats from Nike watch)
Mon: yoga
Tues: small body workout at gym with weights
Wed: run 4.3 mi  10'29"/mi  45:03 mins (steady run with TM set at 5.4 mph)
Thurs: rest
Fri: run  4.44 mi  10'34"/mi  47:02 mins (steady run with TM set at 5.4 mph)
Sat: rest
Sun: run 10.01 mi  11'43"/mi  1:57:19 mins (10:1's with TM set at 5 mph and a 3 min walk warmup)

Week avg pace: 11'16"/mi
Total week distance: 19.16 mi

Looking back:

I did do a tiny bit of yoga everyday to accomplish my challenge, but these were not yoga classes that I usually go to.  After this past week, my yoga will be returning to once per week.

I have been a bit stressed in the homework area and just felt like running with no defined objective besides time so I did not do any cadences drills or speedwork.

Again, all the assignments and midterms I have right now, the gym has been lacking.

I am happy with this week's ending result with my running and know where I need to try to slip a bit more time towards (core strengthening).

Today's Pampering...
A nice epsom salt bath after a good rub down date with my Stick and foam roller. ;)

How do you treat pamper yourself after a good weekend run?

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Girl Goes Running said...

I just ran a 1/2 marathon today and rewarded myself with an awesome Epsom salt bath. :) Great job on your workouts and runs!

Crystal Rhyno said...

Solid work! You have a great attitude too about it all. I like to reward myself with ... hmmmm I don't know. I will have to think about that one :)

Heidi Tania said...

Thanks ladies! :)