In Today's Episode, Hills

Since I have been debating on what other running events I would like to run this year, I have just been following my running plan over again, building my mileage back up to the half distance, backing back down a couple of weeks, and then building back up again.  I am now at the point where I may have decided what other events I am going to do, but not writing anything in stone yet.  So to cover my behind with training, I am going to add hills in this week.

This starts tonight... ugh. I mean, YAY! :)  Hills and I have a love/hate relationship.

Since the weather has improved so much, I had full intentions of changing after work today and head to one of the hills in the city to get re-acquainted with.

And... I forgot my stuff. 

Now I sit here at home, finished my snack, and trying to boost my mojo to get my butt up, get downstairs and on that treadmill for some hills.  (we do not have any hills around here worth running)

Running the other types of runs on the treadmill is one thing... but I find running hills on a treadmill WAY more challenging.  I just have a real hard time with it.  For example, just maintaining a good running posture for going up hill on a treadmill.

Anyone have some hill running tips for a treadmill? lol  Tks!

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