Finally Got to Run Outside Again

So, the weather blessed us with this:

I wore my running stuff to the university today and set out in this:

After running on uncleared paths, with some head wind, and some rolling hills, I finished proudly and just happy that I was able to get outside running again.

This was the result of my run...

 Not the best, not the greatest, but it really doesn't matter.  I just finally got out there. :)

 photo 7a48f52c-7ffa-4f4b-9de8-23bd719504e4.png


Girl Goes Running said...

Great job on your run! I used to have those exact asics! They are awesome :)

Heidi Tania said...

Tks! Those asics should have been retired for me a while ago... I just can't throw them out I love them so much. ;)