Post Adventures Monday

(If you are here to read about fitness and or my wt/loss, please scroll to end of this post)

Well, not a real adventure, but a typical Canadian highway trip at this time of the year.  It all started off fine.  I waited for the minor blizzard conditions to clear, had sunny skies, and at the point when we left, there was just blowing snow across the highway.  Well, as we continued on, my gut started giving me a heads up as the visibility started to get worse and small drifts of snow were now on the highway every once and a while.  Those small drifts turned in to large drifts, and only a bit of the highway was visible.  The drifts were getting as high as the wheel well in my car.  At that point, I had my son text my hubby and said we really should have taken his 4x4.  My car was ok in the snow, but not for these conditions.  If a vehicle came towards us, I would have to look in advance for a place that had shallow enough snow for me to pull in to so they could pass.  There were many parts of the highway I could only drive on one part of the road, opposite side or not, because of the height of the snow drifts.  At that point I really considered turning around because I did not know what kind of conditions I was going to be driving in to.  My thoughts were that I was approaching another city as I got closer to my destination and that the roads would be at least cleared.  Well, I was partially right, they were cleared but icy.  The best roads were surprisingly nice by the cabins as one of the owners was on top of clearing them for everyone.  That was so nice of him.  He saw my son and I digging a place for my car to park and said, if he had known that someone was coming this week he would have cleared the spot out for us. :)

Here is a picture that my son took of the good part of the highway.

So, we are at the cabin, I have done the walk around to look for any forced or attempted entries (from break ins), I have turned up the heat, and plugged in the water well lightbulb for some warmth in the well.  Fast forward a couple of hours... I turned on the pump breaker and the pump, my son and I went and checked for any cracked pipes (the heat is always on just enough so they don't - but you never know), and... no water.  Ugh.  I added water to the pump to make sure it was primed, checked the hose to the well that is in the cabin part and there is water.  After a few more tests, figured out that the well was frozen where we get the water.  Good thing we always stock up those big Culligan drinking water jugs here.  After, I place out the new mouse poison in the crawl space, and then my son and I lit one of these:

Made some chicken noodle soup, and sat back and relaxed for the night.  So, my plan for today once the sun is up is to see if the well is unthawed enough for getting water.  If not, oh well.  With the temperatures warming up here now, I can try again later, or even tomorrow.

As for physical activity today? Shovelling... lots and lots of shovelling needs to be done around here.  All the decks are high with snow and we need to make a path to the wood pile for wood.  I will also be taking my dog out for a stroll to help keep an eye on the cabins around us for any issues while the owners are not there.  I was happy to see a cabin neighbour come and check on my aunts cabin when we arrived to make sure that we weren't there to break in.  They just heard noises and came to check things out.  Have to love a good community that looks out for each other.  I also forgot to weigh in before I left home, so will see how that went when I get back.  I won't be able to do any running around here as safety is a big issue right now.  I will add though that I made my step goal yesterday on my Fitbit and will just strive for that again today to make sure I move around enough.  With all the snow shovelling and running back and forth up and down stairs dealing with the water, I don't foresee a problem reaching my step goal.  If I have to, I will just turn up the music and dance away. ;)