Pampering Sunday and My Love of Coconut Oil

Ah, Sunday... I love my Sundays and especially this week because I am now on my Reading Week Break from work and university.  My plans today are to go to head out for a run here for about 5 mi.  I just ran just over 13 mi last weekend because I was supposed to run another half marathon but it was around -34C/-29F and I just could not get myself to go and run on ice for that temperature last weekend.  After my run today, I will head out to some hot yoga, come home and give myself a mini spa (hair and skin) with my favourite coconut oil, quickly pack for a couple of days, grab my son, one dog, some groceries, and then head out to my aunts cabin for a couple of days. Yay!  My hubby was going to come out but he has to work on Tuesday.  :(  I also just like taking my one dog, Cleo, in the winter when it is just me and with/without my son.  She is a good lake dog, watch dog, well basically a good all purpose dog.  I am really looking forward to heading out to the cabin.  I plan on doing some relaxing, cabin upkeep, watching some movies, blogging, and I should do some homework so I don't get all frantic and stressed out like last week - procrastination is not good.  I have a midterm right after the break so this is a great time to study.  The only thing I am worried about is getting my step goals in with my Fitbit One the next few days.  Last week was really low due to sitting studying and doing assignments.  I can go for some small walks, or maybe I will have to just have a dance party to get some steps in. :)

So, now to to pampering and my love of coconut oil. Attention Guys: this works great for you too. 
(No, I do not have any shares in anything coconut or receive any monetary gain about writing about it)

Coconut Oil - I really love this stuff!  There is still so much controversy around it but I know how it makes me feel and that is what is important to me.  I followed all those Pinterest links and such that said 50 ways or 100 ways to use coconut oil, read loads, and used myself as a guinea pig with it.  I was impressed.  Usually you have things posted that make all these claims about stuff, but for me, it works wonders.  I must note here though that everyone is different and what works for one, may not work for all.  I am not trying to sell anything here, this is just a picture of one of the jars of coconut oil I have at home that I use.

So why am I posting about this stuff?  Basically, if anyone is anything like me they are going to google and google about information on one subject to death, looking for as much information that they can find about it.  I might say something that may encourage or deter... also, using this stuff is how I pamper myself daily, and extra on Sundays. :)

I use coconut oil for many things.  I was a bit leery about this one at first but it is now one of my favourites - my face.  Seriously, I put it on to wash my makeup off and rinse with warm water and a cloth. I also put it on my face before jumping in the shower and don't rinse it off until the end of my shower.  I use it like lotion after my shower.  I use it for regular lotion when needed, especially feet.  I have used it for deodorant - yes, this really works as long as you are not super active.  I also use it for shaving cream.  Coconut oil is also great for my hair as I have used a bit of it in my hair when my hair was wet or dry to help the ends of my hair, and I have put a healthy amount on my wet hair and covered with a bag and towel to give my hair a nice hot oil treatment.

I have noticed since I have used coconut oil instead of my old usual lotions for face and body, my skin is now better.  My wrinkles are even diminished a bit.  I wish I would have taken a picture of my face before so I could show the difference, but I did not think of it actually working, or me even blogging about it.  I have heard about other claims like sun screen and such, but I am a bit leery to depend on the coconut oil for it because of the risk of burning and such.  We'll see....  I should add here that whipping about one cup of the coconut oil in a mixer for about 6-7 mins makes it fluffy so it is easier to use in the bathroom for whatever.  Just keep in a sealed container and in not too warm of a place since coconut oil can liquify if too warm.

Now the obvious: I use coconut oil for everything when it comes to food.  Cooking, smoothies, adding to my coffee or tea, you name it.  I used to use Olive Oil for most of my stuff and now it is coconut oil.  My favourite is popcorn cooked in coconut oil... mmm... I may just have to pamper myself today with some of that. ;)

So do any of you use coconut oil for anything?