Today I Am Stalking...

I am on the hunt for some blogs to read to place in my new 'blogroll' of sorts. I was going through some of the other blogs that I used to read and there has been no movement in even longer than I have been away. So I am on the hunt and stalking some newbies for me.

In the mean time I have been trying to figure out how this blog was set up again. I was hoping to move some stuff around in my navigation bar like what is in the homepage - I would like that to be my blog page instead and use the other pages for what they are used for. Make any sense? Didn't think so. lol

Today hasn't been too eventful thus far. Did my walk on the hamstermill, stretched, core work, went to chiro, had some more x-rays done, exchanged some movie rentals, planned supper, playing with my blog, and searching for some new ones to read. Pretty exciting heh? I think I am done on the playing with my blog for now until I get my computer back as I have all the reference stuff for the layout and such on there.

So as I am stalking in cyber world, I am becoming more and more excited about getting back on the road running wise. I am reading about all these wonderful races, both the ups and downs of them, and just wish it was me. There is a list I have made up of all the races I would like to do in my life time and it seems I add more and more as I read on. I know I will never be fast - and I know it is wrong for me to say it that way, but it is the realistic expectation of myself. I just want to get out there and move, meet new people, and just enjoy myself out there. It's all just about having some fun.

Well, off I go again stalking away...

Walking: 30 mins
Core work


Mel-2nd Chances said...

lots of them out there!!!! haha

Anonymous said...

I keep having to update my blogroll too...many bloggies disappear...when you have time check out the list on my blog, I think there are some that I read that you would enjoy too. (Lots of them run :)