So When is The Snow REALLY Arriving?

You know, I woke up and still... only a scattering of snow on the ground.  I am not super gung ho about winter and all, but could it at least give us a dumping so I can have a real excuse to wear a winter jacket? lol  Some days I feel real silly with my mitts and that because there is nothing on the ground!  Just doesn't feel right to me.

Thanks to all who comment on my previous post.  It really is quite hard trying to go through everything again as I tend to get some flashbacks.   The main point why I do share though is for the motivation for others.  Even if only just one person 'gets' it, then I have done my job.

Well, I was so busy working on my homework here that I forgot to report my wi.... 135.4 lbs! :D  Down 0.6 lbs and I am quite happy about that as I did have a hot wing fest on Thursday night. lol  I only ate about 12 of them... but they do contain a bit of what I don't want to eat right now.  They sure tasted pretty good though and in another family night 'what's for supper' pickle... I just may do it again.  ;)   (there wasn't that much of the other stuff - at least they were not breaded)

I did manage to head out for a couple of small runs this week and I am realizing that it is time to get another treadmill here.  I HATE ice and those ice grippers only do so much as I still feel quite unsafe.  I contemplated asking for one for x-mass... but I do have one ready to come over here already - just have to find a truck.  My aunt has one in her basement and said I could have it and just haven't found a way to get it over here yet.  Mind you, she only lives about 5 blocks away... I wonder if it has some small wheels at the bottom and I could just roll it over here.....  

Anyways, x-mass is around the corner here and this is the first year that I am at a complete loss on what to get everyone!  Usually I have ideas up the wazoo but this time... nope, nadda.  I serious have to get cracking on this.  My son is in that still likes toys age but becoming a teenager... my hubby?  Well, who knows... I think he'll like something and be totally wrong about it or never use it.  I am at just a complete loss here.

Since I worked on homework from 8:30 am yesterday to 1 am last night (and handed in two assignments), I think today is house cleaning, laundry, groceries, and plan the week day.  My goal is to get as much as I can get done now and then hopefully tonight I can just sit back and relax.

Have a great day!


Melanie said...

we got some snow last night... nothing that stuck on the ground... but about an hour north, it sure did! LOL I'm at a loss for xmas gifts this year too, usually i'm done by now, haven't even started.

Natasha said...

Hey! I'm back! Thanks for checking in with me!! I've read your last few posts, trying to catch up. Thanks for sharing your post My Life. You are so strong and you're an inspiration!

JavaChick said...

We got our snow this weekend. It only really turned cold a week or so ago...I feel like I've been hit over the head by winter.