Awaiting the Outcome

Well, we thought we would find out what was happening yesterday about if we were moving or not and the phone call did not come, so today?  Maybe?  I am coming to better terms with it if we have to move but I just hope that it is one of the places that we prefer.  We did glance over some houses in Red Deer, Grande Prairie and a few others... I really liked one certain old one in Red Deer...  But who knows what will happen at this pt.

I did jump on the scale this morning and what a surprise I am still sitting at 138 lbs.  I thought I would really have put more back on with all the varied eating or more like binge eating at times and others not.  It has been a whirlwind of a week.

I still have not made it out for a run here this week so I am thinking that tonight is going to be the time to head out.  In fact I am sure I will. :)

My son survived his 3 day school camping trip and came home yesterday.  It is a good thing that he has today off because I think he needs the rest. lol  Not to mention maybe to warm up a bit also... :)  It is freezing here!  I know... just wait till it gets colder and I will be wishing for days like this. lol

Today is an in service day for all the school workers here and this morning I will be heading to a seminar (a repeat for me) and then this afternoon decorating.

Hope everyone is going to have a great weekend! :)


JavaChick said...

Oh, wow...I'd be in such a state sitting around waiting for news like that. Hang in there and hope you get in a good run tonight!