Hot and Humid

The temperature is already +22 and going to 26 this afternoon!  Sounds like a relaxing day outside for me... After my *hopefully* final repairs on my hot tub cure, I can fill it up so we can take a cool dip this evening. :)  It generally takes a day to warm up to its hottest temperature and I just put some on it to repair a hole again yesterday afternoon, so maybe... I can fill it up this afternoon!  It is just so hard to tell if it is dry enough in the location the repair was to tell.  hmmmmm....

So other than that, I am taking a day off of exercise other than my physio stuff since the clinic has their 10 k long run tomorrow.  I would like my leg to be ok for this as there is a couple of smaller hills on this run. *gulp*  As I have always just rode my bike for fun and commuting, I have never kept track of speed and cadence and stuff.  My physio would like me to be at about 90 for cadence (?) and light resistance so I can work up my endurance again here for cardio and such.  I think I may have to pick up one of those cheap bike things that shows me what I am doing.

As for food, today is so far so good and I am drinking my water like crazy.  Last night was almost a slip up as I wanted some chocolate covered hobnob cookies, so I baked some.  After all that I tried one and decided I did not want any more so I told my son they were all his. lol  Not the healthiest for him but great as a treat.  Saves money that's for sure!!! :)

Well, off to get ready for my day in the sun.  I was not too sure on how the weather was going to be as it was looking pretty ugly when I took the dogs out this morning... now it is clearing up fast and getting HOT!!!  I think that cool dip later tonight will definitely be in the plan. :)

Have a great day all!


Tanya said...

I'm jealous of the weather you are having right now. Its still only semi nice here. But the temp hasn't be over 20 since may long weekend. Its no wonder I got so sick in weather like this.